When Bunny was a little baby, we used a travel cot as a playpen; so that anytime I needed to answer the door or the phone, pop to the loo or cook dinner, I could just pop her in and know she was safe. Not only that, but if she felt tired, she could take a nap in there too.

The twins are now 9 months old and desperately trying to find their crawl. Currently we are still stuck on the knee-rocking stage, with the occasional bunny hop. They are rapidly outgrowing their bouncy chairs, they wont stay in the playgym for long, and with two of them, I was worried a travel cot would be a bit cramped. So we decided to put the Lindam Safe and Secure Fabric Playpen through its paces, because if it can survive twins, it can survive anything!

Freshly out of the box

The playpen arrived in three pieces, in one box. It was just a matter of pushing the pieces together and waiting for the little silver buttons to click into place. I had the playpen up, the soft mat tied in place at the six corners and full of toys within 5 minutes. I didn’t bother taking the instructions out of the packet! Although it did contain and alam key, screws and wallplugs as the playpen can also be used as a room divider, attached at two walls. I imagine this would be fantastic for people who just want to section off half a room for the kids to play in.

Making good use of the space…

I chose the fabric version as Fluffy hasn’t yet got the hang of sitting up and I thought it would be softer to lean her against and a softer landing if she slumps down.

Practising their upright skills…

The soft playmat that goes in the bottom is really well padded and comfy and the twins have been happily sprawling out on it, to take a nap. I’m afraid it doesn’t come with patches of baby drool, like in my photos – you have to add your own! But that’s okay because it’s also fully machine washable (parents you may sigh of relief – I mean who wants to be handwashing right?).

The gate is really easy to open one handed, you just push the top button in and squeeze the bottom button up. The whole structure is very sturdy, although I still nag the 5 year old not to swing on it – just in case! I also love that you can see through the mesh, as wherever you are in the room, you can keep a good eye on the cheekiness inside!

Just chilling out…

I must say, I’m thrilled with this playpen. It gives me piece of mind and is so much easier (and kinder on my back) that using a travel cot. I love that me, Jonny or Bunny can get in there with the twins and play little games with their toys, to make them laugh. To be honest, I really don’t know why I didn’t get one of these when Bunny was a baby. It’s brilliant!

I can’t give you any con’s of this product, as I haven’t yet found any. Perhaps the product could be slightly improved with a little padding on the corner bars? But to the best of my knowledge – no play pens have this.

If you want to see the full specifications of this playpen, I’d advise checking out the page on Play Pens on the Lindam website.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. I was sent a Lindam Safe and Secure Fabric Playpen to test, which I chose to review from my own perspective.  I was not asked to publish any links, but did so in order to give more useful advice to my readers. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. I was not influenced in any way, by any brand, company or individual.

  1. Becky says:

    I have to say Emma, you are a really strong women. 27 year old, married, new graduate and pub manager with 3 daughters – that can’t be easy. 🙂 Where do you get time to make blog posts? You have more than 24 hours in your day? 🙂

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