If you had told me a year ago, that I’d be playing around with html coding, creating blog badges, running linkys and have a successful blog with tens of thousands of readers… I’d have wet myself with laughter!

If you’d told me that I’d be favouring Twitter over Facebook and attempting to master Pinterest, Google+, Technorati, YouTube, Linkedin, Reddit, StumbleUpon and numerous other social networks, I’d have said “social what now?”.

It’s amazing how much I have learnt from writing this blog. What started out as an online diary, is now a big part of my life. I spend several hours a day (while the girls are napping or in bed at night) learning new things, writing, publishing, promoting, engaging with others. I have followers… can you believe that? I can’t. Little old me, has readers. It’s fantastic.

I’ve learnt about setting up and running a website, managing and connecting fan pages to it, analysing and interpreting stats. I now know how to run giveaways. Thanks to tutorials from other bloggers, my photography has improved (although I don’t think I’ve ever been rubbish at photoraphy). This time last month, I didn’t know what macro photography was (it means close up, and it usually blurs the distant objects in the background).

I’ve learnt about influence rankings and search engine optimization. I had no idea that my little corner of the blogosphere could be considered as an influence to someone else! I had no idea that putting in slightly different keywords, would affect how many people found my blog on search engines.

I have learnt so much in the 11 months I have been writing this blog.

Although I wasn’t a total technophobe! If you’d told me that a good antivirus software is essential to blogging, I’d have agreed. One thing I learnt (the hard way) a few years back was that all computers NEED internet protection. After the hell we had trying to remove viruses from an old computer, I’d never use one without it now. Make sure it is a trusted a reputable software though; there is an example here.

Still, in the thick of it, I still feel like I’m trying to cross the road with my eyes shut sometimes. I have learnt so much from blogging, but I still have SO much more to learn! If you are looking to start a blog yourself, go for it, but remember – it’s addictive! Watch this space as my blog gets bigger and better (hopefully)!


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  1. Karen Bell says:

    I see exactly where you are coming from, it’s great. I feel the same, only I still have a very long way to go. I have so much to learn before I get anywhere as good as you. Your blog is great. It is a good feeling, knowing it is all self taught.

  2. Mark says:

    I can totally relate to the idea of getting consumed with blogging… I too have young daughters who I have to get in the bed early before I can login in at start my work at night. Not only do I embrace technology, it inspires me to write content about it. Thanks!
    Mark recently posted..Cool Car Gadgets For MenMy Profile

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