I told you all the other day about how worried I was about Bunny as she wasn’t eating. So I thought I should give you an update.

The doctor confirmed she had a “blockage” and prescribed her laxatives to take before bed every night. I can tell you, I left that doctor’s surgery feeling very relieved, as I had worried she was struggling psychologically with my Cancer! Thanks to Maggies Cancer Centre, we have booked her in to talk to a child psychologist, who specialises in Cancer anyway, just to be on the safe side.

We then strolled from the doctors to Waitrose to pick up her prescription, which to our horror, we were told would take over half an hour! So, we decided to wander round John Lewis to kill time. We gaped in awe at the easter eggs, brooded over the baby clothes, chilled in these beautiful armchairs, but avoided the china like the plague (a double buggy and  a 5 yr old amongst fragile things is not a good combination). Bunny showed me about a thousand “I want” toys, with all the reasons why, and finally, we went to collect the prescription!

I’m pleased to say that her appetite has completely returned and she is back to eating 3 meals a day, with no nagging, and asking for seconds! We have returned to see the doctor again and she is pleased with the improvement, but Bunny has to keep taking the medicine for another 6 weeks, while her body goes back to normal.


Disclaimer: This post contains a sponsored link. All words, experiences and opinions are completely my own.

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