Whilst you are all watching Comic Relief on your televisions, I thought I’d bosh out a quick post.

Bunny got to wear her fave red dress (made by granny) to school today in exchange for a donation to Comic Relief. Obviously we bought her a red nose to wear too…

She also entered a competition to win some Red Nose Day goodies, by designing a Red Nose (but sadly didn’t win)…

This was actually RED but it didn’t photograph well!

We also baked cakes (okay I lie… we bought some cheap cakes with no icing, because mummy was knackered), for the school cake sale. Obviously also raising money for Comic Relief. We then iced them ourselves and made little icing teddy bears to go on top! This was also part of a cake icing competition at school… but sadly Bunny didn’t win that either – although I think her cake was BRILLIANT!

The Crazy with Twins residence has also made a donation to Comic Relief via the awesome bunch of bloggers known as Team Honk (#TeamHonk on twitter). These wonderful bloggers have raised £9000 for Comic Relief so far and a few of them are currently sitting in the audience!

So what’s been your highlight of Comic Relief this year? Hugh Grant has given me the biggest laugh!

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