Today is the day of my second surgery. My talented consultant will be cutting out the other half of my thyroid and possibly a few lymph nodes, depending on how far my Cancer has spread. Yes, I’m nervous. I’m terrified. But I will be back blogging in a few days (and I have a few scheduled posts to get us all through the week).

But I have an announcement to make… more of a pledge really…
You see I’ve taken inspiration from my amazing mum, who runs Race for Life every year for Cancer Research UK. I decided it’s my turn.

This is my second Cancer. I’m only 27, so it is more than likely, not my last Cancer either. My beautiful Gran died from Lung Cancer. My brave Grandad and Dad are currently battling Cancer. My father in law has battled Cancer. I have friends who lost their battle with Cancer and I have friends who have survived their battles with Cancer.

This year Cancer Research UK have announced their new Race For Life Campaign…
“Cancer we’re coming to get you”. An aggressive war against Cancer and I’m taking part! Yes me. Yes the Crazy with Twins lady who struggles to even run for a bus. I walk up a flight of stairs and I’m out of breath! I don’t do exercise… until now.

So as my surgeon is cutting out the rest of my Cancer, I’d love some support from you lovely readers. If you can sponsor me, to get well, to beat this shitty cancer, raise to my feet and train to walk RUN 5k, I will don the “Cancer we’re coming to get you” vest, a pink tutu, and do just that!

Every little helps, so if you can only afford 50p or £1 – then that would still be amazing. If every one of my readers sponsored me 50p… it’d only take a few hours to reach my £200.00 fundraising goal. Obviously if I can raise more than that, I’ll be ecstatic!

Click here to sponsor me.

If any other bloggers, want to join me and take part in Race for Life – either with me, or at your nearest venue… comment below and perhaps we can collaborate on some posts. xx

  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Well done! What a brilliant, positive thing to do. I’m going to join you! Never done Race for Life before, luckily I’ve never had a reason to. I never wanted to take sponsorship away from people who did have a reason. But I’m going to do this one 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me. Let me know if you need any help with running, it’s my specialist subject!

  2. wabby34 says:

    I have been following you on Twitter and you are an inspiration. I currently also know people who are affected by cancer and will definitely be running the Race for Life this year. It puts my problems my new blog is based upon into perspective. I’m based in Manchester and will investigate where they will take place here. I have done the run several times before but that was in the pre-baby days – I might have to shuffle round!
    I would love to collaborate on some posts if you are interested.
    All the best x x x
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