A slightly unusual Wednesday Words from me this week (written on Sunday) – A collaboration between me and Bunny! For good behaviour at school she was given the class mascot to take home! His name is Mr G (G for guinea pig)… thankfully not a real one! As part of having Mr G, she has to write in his book, about what they did. So we came up with a little rhyme!

Mr G
Welcome to my world Mr G,
this weekend, you are coming with me.
Off to watch horse racing, at the pub;
a good day for mummy’s betting stub!
We loved the excitement and all the fuss,
before riding home on the bus.
We went to gymnastics on Saturday,
then home for Indian takeaway.
At swimming I got a certificate
and poor Mr G, you got a wet foot!
We’ve taken lots of photos for the class to see,
of all the fun you had with me.
I’m sad that soon our weekend ends
so before school we’ll have breakfast with friends!

©Bunny Day – Daughter of Emma Day aka Crazy With Twins


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