I’m home! I’ve had the rest of my thyroid removed. My parathyroids and my lymph nodes have been left intact.

Surgery 2

I came round to the same awful post-morphine side effects as last time… Many hours of vomiting, being kept on a drip for fluids and drifting in and out of wakefulness on a heady concoction of painkillers and anti semetics. I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey, (which I was a bit disappointed with), I was put back on oxygen for a few hours (with no explanation), I was moved wards and I was let out on Wednesday.

But do you know what kept me strong? What made me fight the tears and get on with resting, popping the pills and fighting the urge to think about all that has happened?

My visitors… These perfect little visitors…

Visitor Bunny Visitor Fluffy Visitor Tiny

I’m so happy to now be home with my three beautiful girls. And so grateful to my amazing husband for looking after me and them, whilst suffering man-flu himself. The twins also have the flu, so looking after us must be really hard work. He is amazing and I’m so lucky to have married him.

I have also drawn strength from all of you who have been tweeting me and messaging me on Facebook with your kind words and well wishes.

Enormous thanks also to those of you who have sponsored me to do Race for Life in July to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I’m over half way to my £200 fundraising target already!

Heartfelt thanks also to those of you who have voted me to win Best Baby Blog in the MAD Blog Awards.

Finally, Thankyou to those of you who have called me inspiring, for blogging my journey of fighting Cancer whilst raising three beautiful children. To me, it’s just my life, but it is overwhelming to have so many of you message me to say that I have inspired you. Even moreso to those of you who acted upon it and nominated me for a BiB INSPIRE Award.

I’m off for a nap and some more painkillers now. Much love to all my family, friends and readers for helping me through this. Xxx


10 days on… I’m still feeling very poorly. After three more trips to hospital, I found out that they have overdosed me on Thyroxine. My T3 levels, which should be between 1 & 7, are at 16! My blood pressure is high, I have a constant headache and I’m so dizzy and breathless that standing makes me feel like I will hit the deck. So I haven’t had the bravery to go outside yet. But I really do want to say thankyou, to all of you for your continued support!

  1. Stacey says:

    Emma, you are an amazing lady and truly an inspiration. Although I don’t comment often, I am a regular reader – you were one of the first blogs I read. I really hope things turn out for the best for you, and that you have a better recovery.
    Stacey recently posted..A Journey Through AnxietyMy Profile

  2. Paul Shepherd says:

    Congratulations! You have been really brave. You are an epitome for those who are in pain and suffering in life.I just loved reading you.Hope you get better soon.Your daughter’s are really cute.

  3. Anna says:

    I have several thyroid nodules and doctors are recommending total thyroid removal. I am wondering how you recovery has gone. Did you experience any ill effects? Weight gain? Depression?

    • Emma Day says:

      I have had all of my thyroid removed now and radio iodine to ablate all remaining thyroid cells. I get tired a lot and I don’t have the energy levels I used to. But you shouldnt experience weight gain or mood swings unless your dose of thyroxine is wrong. I am now in recovery, having been given the all clear from cancer. I’ve been told it could take up to a year to feel like myself again. Good luck with it. I hope it goes well. X

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