My three gorgeous girls have a short message for all my lovely readers…

MADS 2013 (11)
MADS 2013 (8)

Okay so I should confess… When I had the brilliant idea of getting my daughters to sit sweetly on the bed with a “vote for mummy” sign, I didn’t factor in the twins wanting to eat and play with the signs! The “two quick snapshots” of the girls, weren’t as “quick” and easy as I thought. Here’s what really happened…

Vote 4 Our Mummy Vote 4 Our Mummy 2 Vote 4 Our Mummy 3

Crazy With Twins Banners 1 Crazy With Twins Banners 3 Crazy With Twins Banners 2

So seeing as my girls worked so hard to make us all smile…

There’s only one day left to vote for us to win BEST BABY BLOG in the 2013 MAD Blog Awards. It only takes a few seconds and I’d really appreciate your vote. Click here to be taken to the voting page.

  1. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    How can I not vote after all your efforts, looks like you had some fun there! I’ve just voted, good luck and all the best xx

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