I am always trying to think of ways to be more thrifty and frugal, but also lately, with me struggling on statutory sick pay, ways to make money.

We have a house bursting to the rafters with baby products that the twins have grown out of, and clothes that Bunny has grown out of.

After failing to sell some of it on Ebay, and having WAY too much to list on there anyway, it made perfect sense to me, to drive an hour down the motorway to a baby sale. I had grand illusions of selling the whole lot and making about £500. Unfortunately, the baby sale was a disaster. I made £7, paid £5 for my table and spent £30 on petrol. Yes… my disappointment ended up costing me £28!

Idea number two… A baby sale at Bunny’s school. I emailed excitedly thinking about my second chance, only to be told… It was cancelled!!!

The next idea was a car boot sale. I spent ages scouring the net for all season boot sales. I chose one, left the car loaded ready… and then it started snowing!

I am stuck with all this stuff and have bills coming out of my ears, but don’t seem to be having much luck in selling any of it!

So I’m now thinking I might go down the route of trying to recycle clothes for cash. Although having said that, I’m not sure how much designer clothing I actually have. I’m more of an “If it fits and it’s pretty, I’ll wear it”, kind of girl.

I guess I shall have to wait for spring (yes I know it SHOULD be spring already) and go back down the boot sale route, with everything else. If i didn’t need the money, I’d give it all to charity. I also have a massive pile for the charity shop (I think referred to as a “thrift store” in America?), which I hope will raise Cancer Research UK some money.

What do you do with your unwanted things?
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  1. WallyMummy says:

    God I’ve got so much stuff to sell on eBay it’s terrifying me! Two suitcases packed with baby clothes and juts started Music Magpie-ing all my DVDs (it’s huge rip off, but over the years we have ended up with over 600 of them and there is no way I have the energy to sell them any other way! lol x wish me luck… entering all the barcodes individually is starting to warp my mind… :/ x good luck with it all! xxx
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  2. tammy says:

    we take all the boys grown out of clothes to a cash for clothes store they pay something like 69p per kg but its usually enough to replace a few items.

  3. Karen bell says:

    Have you tried Facebook? There are several selling pages for twin stuff and also my local area has its own selling page? It can be a bit time consuming, but if you need the money now it might help?

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