Wot So Funee?

Bunny is renowned for saying funny things…

…and I am the one who always forgets to write them down!

There are the genuine sweet little pronunciation mistakes, like:
When she asks for “Macaroni on Pizza” (Pepperoni)
or a “Cora yoghurt” (corner).

There are the baffling statements like:
 “I’ve just hurt my nose… on my knee”

I don’t event want to ask how that happened!?!

Lately there have been a few tantrums when she is sent to timeout for bad behaviour.

Her latest retaliation has been… “Yeah yeah Do This, Do That, Blah Blah BLAH”.

*Ahem* Where did the teenager come from? And what have you done with my 5 year old?

She also has a deviant habit for using the word “sexy”, despite my telling her it is not an appropriate word for a little girl.

But then are the downright funny (and totally blamable) things, like one last week, which prove that she really does eavesdrop on ALL mine and Jonny conversations…

Let me set the scene…

You see my Jonny, is RUBBISH at taking photos. I’m always telling him he needs to consider what’s in the background, the lighting, and perhaps actually getting peoples heads in the photos.

Bunny was wandering around the house with her kid camera.

After snapping a few random objects, she turned to me and said…
“I’ve taken a photo mummy, but don’t worry, I’ve cropped all the shit out of the background!”.

Hmmm. Yes. Perhaps my censorship-mouth button may have come undone recently. I shall go and sew it back on now!


I’m linking this post up to Actually Mummy’s “Wot So Funee” Linky.

  1. Izzie Anderton says:

    So funny. I also learnt the hard way how to respond to when my twin daughters came out with something I’d rather they’d not said. And giggling is so not the right response – eventually I got the hang of it!!

  2. Emily says:

    Oh wonderful.
    I hold Gangnam Style responsible for the sexy thing, my toddler is even singing ‘sexa layda’ – grrrr xx

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