I rarely write poetry anymore. It used to just come to me. Randomly. I'd write it out raw, with very little editing. It might not make a great technical piece of writing, but it's straight from the soul. Deep. That raw inspiration doesn't come to me as often as it did, and when it does, it is at the most unlikely of times...

...Like at 5 am in hospital after my last surgery. It was the day of discharge and everyone around me was sleeping. It was eerily quiet for a hospital. I wanted to embrace the silence, but being a family girl, silence isn't something I'm comfortable with. All the lights still off. No beeping or alarms. I lay there looking out the window and I wrote this...

                      Lonely Silence or Lonely Noise?

Woken abruptly by the not-so-distant squawking,
screeching and clumsy clattering;
as flocks of seagulls
circle and land on the roof
next to me.
It's dawn.
I watch the vast sky before me,
as silent night,
brings chaotic day.
I shiver from the cold,
yet I cannot taste the salty air,
smell the docks.
Just listen to the sounds,
watch the less-than-graceful birds
take flight,

Tubes in my arm
crash me back to earth.
A more distant place,
than the roof,
the sky.
I enjoy a few moments of solitude,
without the haze of mind altering substances.
Allowing the pain in my wounds
a little glory time.
Swallow another pill,
shut out the overbearing birds,
close my eyes and rest.
For soon I will feel that city air,
see the docks,
curse the noise pollution surrounding them.
I shall be home
from this loneliness.
Surrounded by love again.
Beautiful noisy love.

                                      © Emma Day - Written 20th March 2013.

Arguably more prose than poetry, but there are some technical poetry styles in there too.

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  1. WallyMummy says:

    I think your poem is very raw and emotional. I hope everything begins looking up for you v soon x you really deserve it xxx I have linked up with something to cheer you up! x
    WallyMummy recently posted..The FaceMy Profile

  2. Dragonsflypoppy says:

    Oh Emma this is such a good poem. And I just adore the last line ‘beautiful noisy love’. I really do wish you all the best as you embark on your next phase of treatment. We are all here for you.

    Thank you for hosting the link xx
    Dragonsflypoppy recently posted..#WednesdayWordsMy Profile

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