The roses that grew over the front door of one of our more recent houses!

The roses that grew over the front door of one of our more recent houses!

I grew up in a sleepy but beautiful little village in Dorset. I had the most wonderful home and have so many happy memories there. We no longer live in Dorset, but the equally beautiful Gloucestershire and that happy-home feeling, is what I want for my children. It has taken me 10 years, since leaving there, to find another house that I feel I can call “home”. Many of the houses and apartments I’ve lived in since, have been just that. A house. Not a home.

We are very happy where we live now, but there is always that nag in the back of my mind that tells me our home may not be a forever home. This is because we are still stuck in the renting sector. One of the reasons we are trying to be more frugal and improve our credit ratings, clear our debts and get some savings behind us, is to reach that ultimate goal… getting a mortgage. A mortgage would mean our home is our forever home. It would give us the security we crave.

Amidst having three children, completing my degree, managing a pub and getting married, I have moved house FIFTEEN TIMES in the last eight years! Renting often means moving house every six months and there are times where I’ve not even been able to rent that long. It’s costly and stressful every time we are forced to move. Admittedly most of these moves have been our own decision, but some have been forced. It’d be so nice to be paying a mortgage instead of rent and knowing that one day, as a result, the house would belong to us. So there it is, the thing you lucky homeowners have, that we aspire to one day have too… a home of our own!

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own.


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