Wednesday Words: Shoulder To Shoulder To Day #S2S2D

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I sat at the laptop this morning and thought "What shall I do for Wednesday Words?"

"What is happening right now that is important to me, that I feel strongly about?"

It took me less than 3 seconds to decide.

Five words into Google and some lyrics had me in tears. I knew straight away I had found the right words.

Something HUGE is happening in the blogging community of which I am the humbled subject. Some incredible souls (now known on Twitter as #EmmasArmy) have devoted time, energy and love into doing something special for me. Something to help me through the tough time ahead with my radiotherapy drawing ever nearer.

Victoria of Verily Victoria Vocalises and Phil of Firefly Phil came up with an idea to host a blog hop called Shoulder To Shoulder To Day (Day is my surname), in which bloggers are coming together to write blog posts to cheer me up during my radiotherapy and the agonizing weeks which will follow - in which I am unable to cuddle my children. I am overwhelmed by the response that #S2S2D has had.

As well as the huge number of comments on Victoria's blog post, my Twitter stream has been going nuts with support. Jaime of The Olivers Madhouse has been Twit Spamming our hashtags like there's no tomorrow! I also want to mention Sarah of Mum of Three World, who is running the 10K Race For Life at the same venue as me, in support of me.

Overwhelmed really doesn't cut it as an adjective to describe how I feel about all this wonderful support from so many people. Most of whom I have never even met in person! Anyone feeling that the world isn't full of beautiful, altruistic, kind-hearted people - needs to start a blog and feel the love!

Anyway, on with the Wednesday Words - What kind of writer would I be if I couldn't make a few people cry with words?!

These lyrics are for #EmmasArmy and everyone getting involved in #S2S2D as a thank you. You all mean so much to me and you lot can get me through this, with hope in my heart.

From Disney's Heffalump Movie, composed by Carly Simon...

Shoulder To Shoulder

We jump high in the sky

We stand shoulder to shoulder
We stand side to side
When one of us gets a tiny bit tired
One gives the other a ride

I've never had a best friend before
So I can't be sure
What it feels like
But I think it feels more like this, I do
I think I feel more like myself
When I'm with you

Finding, finding
Losing and finding
Making, making a bond that is strong
Building, building a house for a friendship
Breathing a breath for our song
For our song


If you want to join in with Wednesday Words, blog a poem, prose, quote, short story or set of lyrics. Be sure to credit the original author - or acknowledge if you wrote it yourself. Grab my badge and link up below! :)

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If you want to contact any of #EmmasArmy on Twitter, they are:
@VicWelton #S2S2D

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