I have never been much of a domestic goddess… (I can see my family clapping and smiling at this sentence)… which is why I LOVE innovative products that make domestic chores that little bit quicker and easier. *The penny drops*.

I have at home a Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg, so I can cook boiled eggs in the toaster!

I used to have the Tefal Quick Cup, which dispensed hot water in 3 seconds, so I wouldn’t have to wait around for an ever-so-British cup of tea.

I’ve always used Tefal Saucepans because they are stackable, dishwasher safe (washing up… what’s that?), space saving and non-stick (I am clever enough to be able to burn pasta/rice/potatoes).

I’ve always used Tefal Frying pans too, as I find their Thermospot technology helpful in letting me know when the pan’s hot enough to cook (Yes I really do need instructions to cook!).

So basically… I’m lazy!

It’s no secret that I was chuffed to bits, to hear from Mumsnet, that I had been accepted to join the Tefal Innovation Panel!

I drove to the SEB Group (parent company of Tefal) offices in the delightful Windsor, to meet the rest of the team! 9 of the other 11 bloggers on the panel were there. I love meeting other bloggers, especially ones I regularly talk to (about those intimate things you can discuss with people you’ll never meet… AH! Sorry Pippa!) I was pleased to find they were all lovely (and didn’t embarrass me by spilling my dirty secrets)!

At least SOME OF US were paying attention! ;)

At least SOME OF US were paying attention! 😉

We listened to some info on the history of Tefal:
– About how the non-stick coating on their pans was invented as a result of a fisherman’s “non stick rod” (I don’t mean to sound rude!).
– About the scientists with the giant foreheads (a bit like mine!)
– About how all Tefal products are manufactured in Europe (Europe is a continent right?).

Then we went into the kitchen to see some product demonstrations. I’ll be honest. I spent most of it thinking – “If I could have one of these products – which would I most like?”
Only I could go to a meeting, but be online shopping in my head!

Fresh Express Demonstration

Fresh Express Demonstration

We were shown some really fab products, like:
Tefal Pro-Express Steam Generator Iron
Tefal Actifry
Tefal Fresh Express
Tefal non-stick Frying Pans
Tefal One Egg Wonder

TIP meeting April

Here’s me (in the dress & boots) – learning how to use an iron!!!

Who would have thought that I, “Queen of domestic-avoidance”, could be captivated by household products? That I could be daydreaming about ironing, grating cheese or making homemade chips? Well somehow, they did it. I cannot see me buying anything without the Tefal logo now!

I will talk more about my new-found inner housewife later, in a seperate post on each product… share and share alike!

The most important part of the day (obviously) was that they treated us to lunch!
Ooooh there were prawns and smoked salmon, a variety of mighty delicious salads, cheeses…. oh the cheeses (has mini food-gasm), chicken, homemade chips, dips, coleslaw… It was wonderful! And most of it prepared in either the Fresh Express or the Actifry too.

All in all I had a wonderful day, met some brilliant other mummy bloggers, got a GOODY BAG (to rival that of an Oscar winner), learnt a lot, and found my domestic side!

Will Tefal be able to turn me from hopeless housewife, to domestic goddess???

Next week I am going to blog about Fresh Week and how you can pledge to take part and maybe win yourself some awesome Tefal goodies! Watch this space…


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel, for which I have been gifted the items from the list in blue above. I am under no obligation to review them and I have not been asked to write this post.

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