A sunny bank holiday with my girls (and a whinge about Frankie and Benny’s!)

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After Bunny’s birthday on Saturday, and the girls’ triple Christening and triple birthday celebrations on Sunday, we fancied a nice relaxing bank holiday Monday.

Pittville collage

A short whinge!
Hubs had to work, so it was just me and the girls. Bunny had been wanting to go to Frankie and Bennys for her birthday, but so far we hadn’t had time. So that’s what we did – Lunch outside Frankie and Bennys.

Bunny had a tasty looking spag bol and I had a chicken Caesar salad. Well that’s what I ordered anyway! What I actually got was lettuce, chicken and one tomato! I had to ask for Caesar dressing, I had to ask for Parmesan, I only got one tomato and one crouton, but after finding out there were no anchovies (which was the only reason I ordered it), I felt pretty down about my ridiculously bland salad. I felt like I got my Frankie but no Benny’s! I complained and after asking for a different meal, I was assured I would get a discount off my bill instead (no alternative offered). We had some tasty desserts and the service was good, but my plate of lettuce had left a bitter taste of F&B’s.

Out into the sunshine

Despite my still-growling stomach, I decided it was too beautiful a day, to go home and we went to a stunning park nearby, instead. After dousing the three girls in sun lotion, Bunny went out on the lake in a pedalo for half an hour, while the twins sprawled out in the shade for their milk. I lay basking in the British sunshine (like an anaemic seal), watching the three of them and taking photos on my new phone. After that, we went to the play park, so Bunny could use up some spare energy and play. The twins had a good crawl around on the grass. YES CRAWL!

At the weekend, Tiny learnt to crawl!

I took a few pics of our girly day out and my awesome phone turned them into a mini vid! Check out some of our highlights…

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