Last week was Bunny’s birthday and next week is the twins birthday. Yes… birthdays ten days apart are expensive!

What can you really get a 1 year old? (or two!)

So far we have bought them a dress each, a pram book and a Lamaze pram toy each, and… and..

I confess… That is about it so far.

My mum says my sister got a swiss roll with a candle in it for her first birthday and not a great deal else.

I don’t see the point in making much fuss. They won’t remember it. They can’t eat cake (and neither can I on my rubbish low iodine diet). Aside from which – their Christening cake, was also their birthday cake!

We have lots of Bunny’s noisy toys, from when she was a baby, hidden away in the twins’ wardrobe. There’s a walker, a cube that sings letters and numbers in French, a bus with the whole alphabet, an elephant and a lion whose tummy’s play lullabies when you spin them. There’s probably a lot more up there if I dared to look! Would it be stingy if we wrapped those up and gave them to the twins?

The only thing they really need is more clothes. I might have a browse of the net. Found a nice site the other day called AlexandAlexa, which sells designer baby clothes!

Can you believe, my not-quite-one, premature twins are now in age 18-24 month clothes?! My gorgeous little chubbies have super long legs and arms and chunky thighs! Must be all that milk!

I should also confess that I am a bit of a lazy mummy. I often don’t dress the twins in anything more exciting than a sleepsuit. But they just look so comfy! If it wasn’t for the school run, I probably wouldn’t ever take my onesie off either!

What would you buy for one year old twins?

Do you think it’s worth making a big deal out of?


This is a sponsored post, but all words, opinions and experiences are my own.

  1. Carla says:

    No, personally I wouldn’t either! Its only going to hurt your bank balance and they won’t even remember it a few weeks down the line lol, is that harsh? My nephew was 1 over xmas and he didn’t even unwrap anything himself :-\ xx

  2. twinstiarasandtantrums says:

    Hi Emma
    We bought ours a ride on car that they could push and walk with each. But that was about it! Make the most of skipping the expense while you can. What date is the twins birthday next week? My girls are four on 16th. Can’t wait we have so much planned. Birthdays definitely get better as they get older xxx

  3. Louise says:

    It’s poohs first birthday 24th may we are stuck for things to do an things to get but we are not going to be making a fuss, (there will be cake) if I had a cupboard full of toys that he didn’t know about I would totally use them!!!!
    We have got him some toys card and my mum is getting him a push along walker, my MIL has got him some shoes and bits for our holiday (next week)
    Hope what ever you do you and your girls have fun
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