Preparing for radiotherapy: A little kindness goes a long way

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I’m starting to feel weaker and pretty exhausted now I’m fully hypo.

I go into hospital for my radiotherapy and isolation, in just under 5 days.

There are more things to prepare than I thought. It’s not just about sorting a few paint splattered / bleach-ruined clothes, which can be thrown away after wearing.

The kindness of other people, has really come into play this week, and those acts of kindness, have meant SO MUCH to me.

There are 4 acts of kindness, that I want to share with you.

1. Maggies Centre

Bunny has been seeing a Cancer psychologist, who has explained my treatment to her, in a child friendly way. Our sessions with him were free at our local Maggies Cancer Centre, whom have also given us financial advice, as well as therapy sessions for the whole family. Not only has he explained my treatment to her, and why she cannot touch me, when I come out of hospital, but has also found ways for her to cope.

Together they made this…
Countdown Calendar

It’s just like an advent calendar. It starts the day I come out of hospital and has 21 days on it. The three of us spent just over an hour, making it together and he even put chocolates in each day for her. She can have one a day and count down the days until she can cuddle me again. We’ve used the maximum time it will take, so that if we find the radiotherapy leaves my body quicker than expected, it will be a pleasant bonus for her, when we announce she can cuddle me again.

It means a lot to us, that Maggies centre gave us easy access to a psychologist and that he went above and beyond the call of duty, to help Bunny understand and accept, what was happening to our family.

2. A good friend

My friend and neighbour, Azaria, whom is already a busy lady, took the time out of her day yesterday, to bake me a focaccia bread with no salt, which was safe to eat on my low iodine diet. I have really been missing bread, but nearly all breads contain salt, so I had to rule them out. What with having to make my own stock for sauces and my own almond milk for breakfasts, as well as cooking all my meals fresh and from scratch, breadmaking is not something I had any energy left for.

Low Iodine Focaccia

Azaria spent time talking to me about what I liked and what I was allowed to eat. Then she knocked on my door yesterday, with two different focaccia’s (garlic and rosemary, and mushroom and red onion) – still warm from the oven! I’ll be honest – they were so nice, I scoffed half of one straight away, as it was! I had the rest of one today with baked plum tomatoes and balsamic, for lunch. It was a real treat and has been so nice to have bread!

3. My amazing mum

My mum doesn’t live near me, but we are very close emotionally. Yesterday I got a surprise parcel from her, via the postman. I had no idea what to expect. I’ll be honest, I thought it was going to be a pair of pants I’d left at her house, or something along those lines!

It was this:
From Mum

She had sent me things I could take into isolation with me. Things of use, some that I needed, and some to cheer me up. Things that could be thrown away – as I am not allowed to keep anything I take in with me (as I will contaminate everything I touch, with radiation). But she had also taken the time to write me little heart shaped post it notes – which I am also going to take in with me.

The one saying “I love you”, had me instantly in tears.

I love you too Mum. Very very much.

4. Bloggers

I mentioned in a previous post, that there are a team of bloggers who have formed #EmmasArmy on Twitter. Two of them, Phil and Victoria, came up with the idea of #S2S2D – “Shoulder to Shoulder to Day” (“Day” is me by the way). They asked a while back, if any bloggers wanted to write posts for me, to cheer me up and show me support, during the time in which I am unable to touch my children (this could be up to a month!)


#EmmasArmy were swamped with responses from bloggers wanting to participate in #S2S2D. I am overwhelmed, that so many people care. Really overwhelmed. Over 40 bloggers are taking part! To the point that Victoria has had to draw up a rota of hosts to run  all the blog posts. Other bloggers, who aren’t hosting, have also been invited to write posts and link them up, to what the blogosphere know as a blog-hop. (All the posts are linked up to one post – so you can hop from one to another and read them all).

These four acts of kindness…

… have made such a difference to my emotional wellbeing. I feel like I’m not going into this alone (although obviously I am in the physical form).

… show that people have thought about me, taken time to do something special for me, and all of them have made me both smile and cry happy tears simultaneously.

Thankyou all… for being you.


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