So the wife has asked me to keep her loyal readers up to date on the general going’s on in the wonderful world of crazywithtwins while she is in isolation and officially a danger to the public. So its daddy time for my three girls and so far so good…….ish! Bunny doesn’t like it when mummy is in hospital but she seems to forget everything when i let her have a sleepover in my room. So last night i told her to choose A teddy and put it in my bed ready to go to sleep. After disappearing for about ten minutes, she finally re-appeared saying she was ready for bed. However, it would appear that A teddy had turned into many as they all missed mummy and wanted a sleepover!
bunny and teddy
So after waking up several times in the night with legs and feet and hands kicking and punching me in the head we eventually had a good nights sleep and a happy girl this morning ready for school. As for the twins, well they are coping well and seem to be enjoying playing daddy for the soft touch that he is ! They are just spending their time bullying each other in the hope that daddy will pick up the wrong one for cuddles!
As for me……well i must admit i wasn’t exactly relishing the prospect of looking after these 3 demonsangels all on my own while having to clean the whole house but i am loving being able to just relax with them and enjoy some bonding time with my girls without having to worry about going to work.
Now on to mummy, well she is comfortable (ish) and the treatment is going well. It doesn’t look like she will be discharged until Saturday at the earliest but that’s still a day earlier than expected. We all miss mummy and cant wait to be able to snuggle up as a family and have cuddles and KFC together!

will try to post another update soon, if i manage to get 5 minutes to myself!
Thank you to everyone in the blogging community for all your support at this tough time and after reading this post you are probably all gagging for Emma to come home so you don’t have to read the ramblings of a technophobe somerset barman!

Jon (the husband!)

  1. Neil cook says:

    I’ve just read the write up on Facebook as Anna king is highlighting your situation today . I’m in Guyana , South America at the moment and I would lie to wish you all a very happy day , and that you will e all reunited very soon and you can all enjoy a wonderful summer together , my prayers will be with you guys . Neil

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    Hi Jon
    Well done to you – 3 kids that young on your own (while doing housework too) is hard enough at the best of times.
    Lovely to hear Emma so positive on the radio.
    If there’s anything you need just let us know – as I now know where you live too.
    Hope she’s home soon and the time goes quickly for you all.
    She is truly inspirational and your girls will grow up being very proud.
    Pinkoddy recently posted..Shoulder to Shoudler to Day #S2S2D – Jar of HappinessMy Profile

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us all updated. People often forget the person at home ‘holding the fort’ and keeping everything going. Sounds like you’re doing a sterling job. Well done 🙂

  4. Siobhan C says:

    Wow, its fantastic to hear from the OH (official blogging term for our husbands/partners), esp at a time like this. Massive well done for even bothering to enter this domain and keep us up to date. Double massive well done for being there for your girls and being their rock. Love to Emma.
    Siobhan C recently posted..My Week in HeadlinesMy Profile

  5. JallieDaddy says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job Jon. As another hands-on dad of twins I know how hard it can be! And you have 1 more as well. And you clean too?! I doff my cap to thee, Sir 🙂
    JallieDaddy recently posted..TeethMy Profile

  6. Elaine Livingstone says:

    Hi Jon

    thanks for the update, lovely to meet the other half, Im with Fiona…if anything happened to me the blog would stop right then and there, hubby reads it, moans about my English and grammar and moves on.
    I am sending huge hugs to you as I think often the person that is left at home gets little emotional support and is often left struggling with their own fears and doubts but does not want to show their own true feelings for upsetting their partner.
    Look forward to more updates, and laughed at all the teddies missing mummy.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted..Top 100 for Foodies100My Profile

  7. Daisy Broomfield says:

    Really good to hear you are all surviving, thoughts are with you. My tip is, don’t worry too much about the housework. On the odd occasion my hubby’s looked after the kids they have really enjoyed spending “quality” time with him and I’ve enjoyed feeling just a little bit smug that he hasn’t also managed to keep the house from looking like a bombsite in my absence!
    Daisy Broomfield recently posted..Bucket.My Profile

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