Okay so please note that the title is meant to be a bit of fun. I have not suddenly developed a crazed ego of fame!

However, when I went into Isolation for Radiotherapy, the very last thing I expected was to be on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC1 Points West News on the TV and in the Gloucestershire Echo, Western Daily Press and Daily Mail Online! Yet somehow, thanks to Sarah who blogs at Mum of Three World, I have conquered all five in the space of a few days!

If you missed me on TV, you can watch it here:

If you missed me on the Radio, You can listen to me on BBC Radio Gloucestershire by clicking here.

I was live there, so that’s my whole interview, but for the full version of Sarah’s interview click here and scroll to 43 minutes.

I’m on the front page of the May 27th Gloucestershire Echo – which you can see online here.

In the Western Daily Press click here.

In the Daily Mail Online here.

Even more bizarre – My Twitter account @crazywithtwins has gone totally nuts with people saying nice things about me!

And #S2S2D has gone much further than I thought too. For those of you not sure what that is… It’s a whole bunch of incredible bloggers who have written blog posts to cheer me up. We are only on Day 4 of 30 and over 40 bloggers have done posts for me. If you click here and read Victorias post, you will see lots of squares at the bottom of her post – those all link to other blog posts written as part of this campaign to support me.

Perhaps now would be a good time to remind you I’m doing Race for Life in July? If I’m going to go through with this horrendous Cancer ordeal, being kept away from my gorgeous girls for so long, it’d be good if something nice could come out of it! Just imagine – if everyone who tweeted me messages of support over the last three days had sponsored me £1 – I’d have raised thousands for Cancer Research UK by now!

Pssst!… You can sponsor me by clicking here!

I heard a rumour that they are trying to raise money for an iPad in the iodine room at Cheltenham General Hospital too. Anyone got any ideas how I can help them achieve that? Knowing how much all these bloggers and tweeters have helped lift my spirits while I was in isolation; it would be great if everyone who has to suffer this gruelling treatment could have internet access too (without having to bin their mobile phone or wait 3 months to get it back). Hmmm PR contact anyone?

I’ll be honest… I am rendered speechless and overwhelmed by the support of everybody. This is a very difficult time for me and my family and if it wasn’t for ALL OF YOU… there would be even more tears and a lot more stress. Thankyou all so much for being there for me.


Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

Since publishing this post, my story has also gone in The Daily Mail, The Express, The Star, The Telegraph, The Metro, two Chinese newspapers, one French newspaper and one Australian online newspaper.

I have NOT made any money from any of this publicity. But I am hoping it will help raise awareness of the wonderful work done by the NHS, Maggies Cancer Centres, Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.

Also, the kind people at Cosatto, have offered to donate an iPad to the iodine room at Cheltenham General Hospital. Thankyou so much Cosatto!

  1. Judith says:

    Wow, you rock! How bizarre to have all this come out of what is probably one of the most traumatic times of your life! (Although reading your blog you seem to have had your fair share of trauma and it may be hard to pick a winner from them)
    Judith recently posted..Locked inMy Profile

    • Emma Day says:

      It’s insane. All of it. I hope I can find ways to make good come from this. I want to find ways to help others and raising a few hundred pounds for charity, doesn’t seem like enough. I have a card up my own sleeve, of a way I want to make a difference… When I’m better! Thankyou for everything you have done for me Victoria. You’ve taught me that through ny humble little blog, I have a voice, and I aim to do good things with it. Xx

  2. Jenny @ TheBrickCastle says:

    It’s unusual to see any post so full of enthusiasm at 7am on a Sunday morning and a true delight to see it from you! The iPad idea is fantastic! Travel Supermarket are doing a review thing for bargain tablets at the moment which start at about £40, it’s such a simple idea to get wifi into these units and tablets everyone can use, but it could make a world of difference to people who have to stay in for any length of time, especially in isolation.
    You go for it hon!

    PS I knew that we’d get some great posts from you over this time and we really are. You’re a star x
    Jenny @ TheBrickCastle recently posted..Pyrex For Versatility ~ Your Chance To WinMy Profile

  3. Kate says:

    You sounded great!! I’m so glad you’ve been receiving lots of support and that’s it’s made a difference to you. I’m just sorry that I’ve missed out on being there a little at the beginning. Please know that I’m right behind you, sending you telepathic good luck and positivity. I know we’ve never met, but I admire you so much for what you’re achieving xx

    Kate x

  4. Troubles mum says:

    Hang on in there, Emma. The time will pass and you can hug them all again. The most important thing is that you’re getting the treatment you need.

    And hey, media tart! Look at you in the telly-box and everything! Fantastic piece.

  5. Alex says:

    haha I’m pretty sure I read about your story in the Metro too (free London paper every one reads on the tube)! I just read your lovely post about being told you could hug your kids again… brought tears to my eyes. Hope you are enjoying your hands on time with your kiddies again. I cannot imagine not being able to hold my daughter for so long. You are amazing x
    Alex recently posted..Life In Pictures (& a Ramble)My Profile

  6. Barbara Christie says:

    It’s so good to see this cancer get some publicity! I had thyroid cancer in 1994 and 1997 and my youngest daughter had it twice too in 2007 and 2010. Both of us have had radio-active iodine treatment and scans but I have had radio-therapy to the neck as well. We are taking part in research to see if there is a faulty gene causing this cancer in a mother and daughter as it is so rare (1 in 360 million chance). If you are taking part in the Race for Life at Cheltenham race course, we will be there also but walking! Good luck.

  7. Jill.Campbell says:

    Go for it gal.I had thyroid cancer 22years ago,&12 lots of radioactive iodine treatment,if you want any support give us a shout.

  8. onlinenewspaper says:

    haha I’m pretty sure I read about your story in the Metro too (free London paper every one reads on the tube)! I just read your lovely post about being told you could hug your kids again… brought tears to my eyes. Hope you are enjoying your hands on time with your kiddies again. I cannot imagine not being able to hold my daughter for so long. You are amazing x

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