So unfortunately for you i’m back to give you more zummerzet ramblings and an update to where we are.

As most of you are aware, there is somewhat of a media frenzy sweeping over us at the moment, and on the whole most of it is positive and getting the awareness we set out to achieve. However, some of the readers over at the daily fail seem to enjoy sitting at their computers in their secluded little anonymous bubbles and hurl negative, nasty and uneducated comments towards the wife. Now in the old days i would have stormed round to their bubbles with my coat and waistcoat off ready to teach them some respect, sadly though, that is frowned upon these days and so we all have to take the moral high ground and rise above it. But is it really that easy? negative and hurtful comments affect us regardless of how mature and unmoved we say we are to them. Emma has already been back and forth over weather she has a “real” cancer or not, so being told to “get over yourself, it’s not that bad” and “this is simply another case of scare mongering” doesn’t really help anyone does it!!

We have not sold this story or forced it into anyone’s hands,the media have simply picked it up and decided to give it a bit of publicity, (albeit they have completely missed the original point of the support being shown from the blogging world to a girl most of them have never met!) yet i cannot help but feel that the morons that don’t know Emma or the story or about the blogging community seem to think that we feel sorry for ourselves and are trying to cash in on our situation. Believe me if there was a way to make “fast cash” and give my family a better standard of living then i would carefully consider it but at no point has any money, gift or freebie has graced our home. Of course we have had presents given to Emma from her blogging friends and our friends over at Cosatto, but they are simply get well soon presents that have made Emma’s struggle that little bit easier.

Rant over for now! lets see how the girls are doing……..

Bunny has gone on holiday for half term with granny and grandad so she is having a great time, but, on the downside i have lost my little helper for a week. So it’s just me and the twiningtons at the moment, and guess what?……..I’m loving it.!! getting to spend every hour of every day with my girls is lovely. Don’t get me wrong, i wish Emma was able to play with us but as ive always said we need to make the best of a bad situation. They do get a little tearful when they see mummy and then realise she isn’t going to give them a cuddle but on the whole they are coping quite well with being able to get daddy to do anything they want! However, i am NOT enjoying the 6am wake up calls girls!!! this must stop now otherwise there will be no prom dresses, no sweet 16th birthday parties and definately NO BOYFRIENDS!!20130521_153707

  1. WallyMummy says:

    well – that’s daily mail readers for you… they are an anomaly and to be both ignored and tutted at, at the same time… Shame on them – sadly it seems the comments section of the mail online acts mostly as a holding pen for the world’s bitter, over-opinionated idiots… grrr x On a lighter note – look like the girls are having a whale of a time, and so glad Emma is at least at home 😉 (catching up on posts after being on hols for just over a week) xxx
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  2. Emily says:

    It is inspiring how positive your family remain through tough times and I think this is part of the reason so many want to stand behind and help as we can. I really wonder about the kind of person that can write a hurtful comment regardless of knowledge or situation xx

  3. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    So sorry to hear about the negative comments. It’s so sad there are people out there with nothing better to do than sit at their computers slagging strangers off – the exact opposite of the blogging community supporting a stranger. Good to hear that Daddy is enjoying his time with the girls, though 🙂

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