Hugging and kissing my children and Jonny is incredible after not being allowed near them for so long. Agreed it wasn’t as long as expected, but it was still an incredibly difficult time for us.

There is still radiation in my body, killing off my thyroid tissues (and hopefully all the Cancer cells too), but I am at a safe level to be with my family again.

So we travelled down to Dorset to surprise Bunny, who was really really happy to be able to cuddle me again. We enjoyed a lovely family meal out with my parents and brother too.

Bunny had made me a necklace and keeps telling me how much she missed me. I know she has had a lovely half term with Granny & Grandad, and her Auntie, Uncle & Cousin, but I think it’s still been at the back of her mind.

So yesterday we went to The Bath and West Show, where we had a very tiring fantastic day out together, just the five of us.

Sadly my phone battery died, so I didn’t get as many pics as I’d like to have taken. I will post my fave one of the girls for tomorrows Silent Sunday.

For now though, a short YouTube clip of our family day out yesterday. I hope it warms your hearts as much as it has mine.

  1. Karen says:

    I am in tears, reading this, that you got out early and were re-united! I bet you are delighted, if not tired! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Enjoy those precious cuddles! Looking forward to blogging next week for you!

  2. Sarah & Stuart says:

    So pleased to hear that you’re able to be with your family again Emma. I can’t imagine how hard everything you are going through has been for you, your partner or your children. You’re clearly a fighter, but you clearly have lots worth fighting for too 🙂 Sounds like you had a fun day out. Plenty more to come right!

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