Summer appears to have finally arrived! There is nothing more the Day family love than family time in the sunshine. We all relax so much with a little natural vitamin D and we are such a fun-loving easy going family in the summer.

Now that Bunny has turned six, she appears to have had a sudden growth spurt. None of her summer clothes from last year, fit this year. To her, this is not a problem; she would quite happily live in a bikini for the whole summer!

It seems she’s grown out of nearly all her t-shirts, most of her dresses and ALL of her shorts.

However, on closer inspection, I saw that actually, my darling six year old has been wearing shorts and skirts aged 2-3 years!!! Her waist has barely grown since she was a toddler!

The twins whom have just turned one, are already in age 18-24months clothing! Those little chubbies have waists nearly as big as their big sis!

It reminds me of a pair of pyjamas I was wearing the other day. I remembered my mum buying them for me, when I still lived with both my parents (pre 15yrs old). So I looked at the label and sure enough, I, 27yr old mum of three, was wearing age 14yrs pyjamas!!!

I’ve been wearing the same “interview suit” since I was 18 too!

Hmmm. Perhaps I am a hoarder?
Or just environmentally friendly?

Either way, Bunny needs some new clothes for this beautiful thing called summer!

She got some beautiful dresses and playsuits for her birthday, so I went to K and Co online to look for some new shorts for her and some pretty girly tops.

I found some tops, which I love and are in a three pack for £10.00. Bunny will love them as they have tassles on the bottom and bright colours. I think they are really summery too.

Photo © K&Co

Photo © K&Co

Then I found shorts which I think will go quite well with the tops, again in a three pack for £10.00.

Photo © K&Co

Photo © K&Co

The thing I love most about K and Co is that a lot of their childrenswear comes in age 12months – 7 years – meaning that Bunny can have outfits the same as the twins! She LOVES dressing the same as her baby sisters and I think it’s ultra cute too!!!

I think I probably get more excited about buying kid’s clothes, than I do buying clothes for myself. (Explanation of why I still wear all my teenage clothing?)


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