Who am I running Race For Life for?

A pretty loaded question, coming from me.

I could run for Clare  – a little girl who died of Leukaemia aged only 5, when I was fighting it myself aged 8.

Or a little boy called Daniel, who died of a tumour, shortly after I was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Or Aisha, a beautiful baby girl, who died of Leukaemia, also when I was fighting it.

I could run for my own survival of Leukaemia or for my current battle with Thyroid Cancer.

I could run for my incredible Gran, who survived skin Cancer, but lost her battle to Lung Cancer.

I could run for my dad, who is currently battling prostate Cancer.

I could run for my brave Grandad who whilst living with prostate Cancer under control, was diagnosed just a few weeks ago with Cancer in his eye.

I could run for Elizabeth, daughter of fellow blogger Tired Mummy of Two, whom is currently fighting against Leukaemia.

You see Cancer is everywhere I look.

If I were to give it a quote, I’d say:

“If life is heaven on earth, Cancer is hell on earth”.

However there is one person whose story I can’t ignore.

A dear friend of my husband, and I’d like to think, mine, recently lost his wife of many many years, to Cancer. It was sudden. It was unexpected. She was fighting it and winning, and then, she wasn’t. Keith has no children or grandchildren and feels so alone in his devastation, despite having many good friends.

When he looked me in the eye the other day, and asked me, in all sincerity,
“why hasn’t the world stopped turning yet?”,
I felt like my heart was bleeding.

And whilst every life on this planet, is of equal value, and every sufferer of Cancer faces an equally horrendous battle, I just knew in that moment.

There is little I can do in this world to change the challenges we all face or the grief of those who have lost a loved one, but I will do what I can, for whom I can.

Keith, I would like to Race For Life in memory of your wife. I am running for Joy.

So far I have raised £1150.00 for Cancer Research UK via my Race For Life page. I’d love to raise a little more. So if you can spare £1, click here to sponsor me.

Thankyou all so much for your support.

  1. Jackie says:

    Emma, I came across you on twitter quite by accident. I followed your story. Felt your pain of not being able to cuddle your babies. At times you made me laugh, giggle, cry. So many emotions. You are an amazing woman. This post had me sobbing. I even had to go away and wash up before I could comment. So brave, so genuine, so lovely. What a lovely tribute to Joy. and (hugs) to Keith xxxxxxxxx

  2. Distressed Housewife says:

    Such a moving post. My friend is currently fighting breast cancer and has just shaved off all her hair because she was losing it to chemotherapy. Like you, she’s staying positive but you just can’t help getting overwhelmed by how many people are being affected by this terrible disease. Donation done 🙂
    Distressed Housewife recently posted..That Moment When…My Profile

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