A Bum Deal: Wot So Funee

June 18, 2013 in Blog Hops / Memes / Linkies, Family, Humour, Parenting, Uncategorized, Wot So Funee by Emma Day

Wot So Funee?

Like (I imagine) most six year olds, Bunny has an obsession with bums! Anything to do with bums is funny!

We are quite used to hearing from “Mrs Bum” (Bunny makes her bum cheeks talk!), although I don’t really approve – it’s all Hubs influence! It all started, I’m afraid to say, with Hubs and “Mr Bum”. Bunny is now banned from allowing Mrs Bum to talk to guests!

So a few days ago, when she pulled up her dress, stuck her bum out and said “KISS MY BUM”, what we weren’t expecting, was Tiny, standing up, leaning forward and kissing Bunny’s bum!

The normal scenario in our family, is hubs to wet himself laughing, whilst I become bad cop and tell Bunny to stop being rude. On this occasion however, I couldn’t stop laughing either!

Tiny and Fluffy thought it was funny too, but I think Tiny got the bum deal!


I’m linking this post to the awesome linky that is Wot So Funee, hosted by Actually Mummy.