After doing our living room makeover the other day, I am suddenly keen to improve other parts of our house.

With this gorgeous sunny weather suddenly making us wonder if British Summertime is finally upon us, I’m keen to start thinking about garden designs next!

We only have a small garden and it doesn’t always have the sun in it, but it makes me feel so much happier sitting out there when it’s pretty.

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting outside since I came out of hospital. This year from my radiotherapy, and also last year from HELLP Syndrome when I had the twins. I guess being stuck inside, makes you appreciate the outdoors more and the natural vitamin D from the sun cheers us all up!

I won’t pretend to know anything about gardening. I don’t. I have fond memories of helping my gran with her garden, when I was a little girl and not afraid of creepy crawlies! Her garden was always beautiful. One of those perfectly groomed gardens with hundreds of beautiful flowers, an immaculate lawn, a horseshoe shaped flowerbed, a wooden arch and a sweet little pathway round the edges. I used to play out there for hours in the summer.

Our garden is tiny and we are only amateurs at gardening, but we give it a go. And because (in my adult life) I don’t like spiders or worms, gardening is Jonny job! Last year he spent ages outside with seed, weed and feed (yet those bloody dandelions keep coming back!)

We went out and chose lots of plants that looked pretty, without knowing anything about them. We planted them randomly around the edges of our garden. They grew. They looked pretty. Winter came and they all died.

Yes gardeners, be horrified. We just wing it when it comes to gardening. We are clueless.

Jonny asked me to mow the lawn last year. I took half the lawn with me. It seemed to come up in clumps, leaving holes all over the lawn.

I’ve not been asked to do it since.

I will stick to more simple tasks, I will compare credit cards to buy flowers with and make cups of coffee for Jonny!

Jonny went out to make a start on the lawn yesterday, whilst I ever so helpfully stood and took photos.


So… If any of you more knowledgeable want to make any suggestions as to which flowers are low maintenance, pretty and DON’T attract spiders, go for it. Leave me some comments.

We don’t really like the climbing/trailing variety. We just want some basic bedding plants with pretty flowers. And any tips for getting those pesky dandelion leaves out of the lawn?

I’m off to Google some vouchers for garden centres and maybe see if I can get a credit card with rewards, to stretch our budget that little bit further!

Disclaimer: This post contains featured links. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

  1. Emma Kirman. says:

    Highly recommend green thumbs to look after your lawn. We pay £15 four times a year to treat our lawn. We haven’t had a weed in years and its green, lush and so thick. A bargin when compared with the cost of DIY seed and weed. Lavanders and fushsia’s are nice.

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