The other night was a particularly hot night in our house. So we put the twins in their jammies without a vest, and took the sleeping bags off…

BIG mistake!

We woke up to this…

What happens if your baby doesn't sleep in a Grobag

YUK! It took me 45 minutes to clean the little madam up! There was POO smeared all over the cot bars, between her toes, up her fingernails, on the sheet and the teething rails and a few lumps flung on the floor! Thanks Tiny!

So now… on hot nights, we still put them in a sleeping bag, because we discovered Grobag’s brand new range of travel and summer sleeping bags!

Travel Grobag

They come in very cute patterns and are only 0.5 tog. This tog is recommended for use in rooms with a temperature of 24-27 degrees, with baby wearing a vest. I have been using them at lower temperatures too (21-24), but with a sleepsuit instead of a vest.

Travel Grobag

We thought these would be awesome for abroad (if we are lucky enough to get a holiday this year), but now we are using them at home on hot nights too.

We loved them. Gorgeous summery designs, lightweight and machine washable. They come in a cute handy little bag, keep the twins chunky legs out of the cot bars and give them the comfort they are used to, without making them too hot!

Travel Grobag

I also loved that they come with a thermometer and a handy guide to temperatures and clothing levels too. It makes it much easier to decide what to dress the twins in when we put them to bed.

Grobag Thermometer

They don’t take up much room in the suitcase either, so they are really handy to take on holiday. We took them to Britmums Live with us, which was a good idea because one night we forgot to turn the air con on!

Travel Grobag

As these Grobags were designed for travel as well as summer, they have a double zipper and a velcro sealed hole in the back. This enables you to put the baby in a car seat or pushchair, in their sleeping bag. I thought this was a really fab feature, because when you have a late night on holiday and baby is sleeping soundly in the pushchair, the last thing you want to do is wake them up to put them in their Grobag. Here are my little cherubs in their Travel and Summer Grobags, in their pushchair at Britmums Live…
Travel Grobag 0.5 tog

We’ve always put our babies to sleep in baby sleeping bags. According to the Lullaby Trust, there are less dangers, by putting your baby to sleep in a Grobag, than with sheets and blankets. We find Grobags to be easy to use and they also prevent the baby from getting her legs stuck in her cot bars!

I have not received any form of payment for writing this review. I was provided two Travel and Summer Grobags to test and review from my own perspective. All words, photos, opinions and experiences are entirely my own.

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