Our Mad Day Out at Legoland

June 27, 2013 in Blog Hops / Memes / Linkies, Blogging, Entertainment, Family, Friends, Holidays, Parenting, Toys, Travel, Uncategorized, Videos by Emma Day

Legoland 2013 (53)

One of the exciting perks of being a MAD Blog Awards Finalist is that we were given the opportunity to meet all the other finalists on a family day out at Legoland.


So Hubs, Bunny, Tiny, Fluffy and I, went to make the most of it. We arrived at 8:30am and didn’t leave the park til 7pm! We were treated to a blogger preview of the 4D Lego movie “The Legends of Chima”, before being let loose with VIP wristbands, which gave us queue jumps for EVERY ride.

Legoland collage2

We spent much of the day with Sarah from Mum of Three World and her family, and we bumped into many other bloggers throughout the day, as all award finalists were illuminated by yellow lanyards! I generally just bounded up to anyone in a Lanyard and introduced myself with an overexcited toddler enthusiasm about me!

It was absolutely fantastic to meet the lovely Vic Welton who launched the #S2S2D campaign to support me through my radiotherapy. I also loved meeting Emily from Family Four Fun, whom we bumped into lots of times, along with Bex from The Mummy Adventure. I had a nice chat with Geek Mummy and her husband, the beautiful Capture by Lucy, and sadly only a brief chat with The Boy and Me.

I met far too many bloggers to mention, so I’m hoping those who met me, will leave a comment below!

Legoland, Windsor

We went on as many rides as we could possibly cram in to our day, yet still didn’t manage to do EVERYTHING. I would highly advise two days there for anyone thinking of going! It’s a shame the sun didn’t come out until later in the day, as we had a bit of shivering going on after drenching ourselves on the water rides! We do love the water rides though! Legoland also have Drench Towers now, which is basically a waterpark for kids. Bunny had been excited about it all day, so when the sun eventually came out (at 5pm) we took her to have a go. She changed into her bikini and excitedly ran splashing into the water and up the stairs. Her face on reaching the bottom of the waterslide, was somewhat different. “Mummy it’s really cold, I want to get changed now”. I guess the water wasn’t heated then. Poor Bunny was so cold she only lasted 5 minutes, before getting out!

Legoland, Windsor

We really did have a fantastic day out.

The only major disappointment was that the Legoland staff sent us on a half hour goosechase looking for somewhere that sold baby food. You’d think that somewhere as family orientated as Legoland, would sell baby food in every restaurant? But no. The only restaurant that did sell it, argued with me that they didn’t. I had to ask for a manager, who eventually tracked down two tiny tins of stage one (4month) pudding! I wanted to give my twins lunch, not pudding! And there were no 7month or 10 month baby foods available, let alone anything savoury. I think that was very poor and I was sad that we had to waste so much time and energy, just trying to find some food suitable for the twins.

I think the only way I can really sum up our fabulous day at Legoland, is by getting you to watch our highlights on a Zoe Video…