I’ve kept this quiet, because frankly I have enough to deal with, but about a month ago, a mole on the back of my neck started itching.

I went to my doctor and said, “I’m probably overreacting and it’s probably nothing, but since my 2nd Cancer diagnosis, I panic about little lumps and bumps”.

She took one look at my mole and said “I don’t like the colour or texture of that mole. You were right to come in, I’m referring you to a specialist to get it removed as soon as possible”.

Well that wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.

I was honestly hoping she’d say “it’s fine, and hypochondria is normal in your situation”.

But she didn’t.

And today is the day I’m having my mole cut out.

I have mixed feelings.

Fear mostly. But also a strange feeling of guilt, at having it cut out, as I’ve had it all my life. There goes one of my distinguishing features. It’s quite sinister to think your own skin can turn against you.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all my readers to get their moles/lumps checked out by a doctor.

  1. Daniella Abraham says:

    Two of my friends have had the same treatment this week, I didn’t realise that pregnancy can cause moles to change. Unfortunately one of my friends has to go back for more testing so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it turns out to be nothing serious. I agree that it’s very sinister to think your own skin can turn against you.
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  2. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I read this and got rather sad. You have really had enough already and should not be going through it again..or the other times. I have everything crossed for you and I hope you get good results.

    I had a mole that turned and looked sinister but was OK so I really really hope this is the case for you x
    Kelly Wiffin recently posted..Win a set of Gumigem Covert Dog TagsMy Profile

  3. Steph says:

    I hope today goes ok today and it isn’t anything bad. Thank you for this post as my husband has lots of moles and I keep nagging him to get them checked out. I am booking a doctors appointment for him now.

  4. Vicky Charles says:

    I totally get that feeling of asking your doctor to look at something because you want them to tell you you’re being a hypochondriac.
    Is it likely your GP has referred you to have it cut out because she knows you have enough to be going on with, without worrying about a mole?
    Am keeping all fingers crossed, either way.
    Vicky Charles recently posted..S’s First Visit to LondonMy Profile

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