First, a quick update on my Holy Moley situation…

I saw my skin surgeon today, with the intention of him cutting a mole out of the back of my neck (that’s what I was told by my doctor).

After a close up examination, the skin surgeon decided not to take dear Moley after all. He was confident that the mole was not displaying any signs of melanoma (cancer).

Relief doesn’t quite cut it.

He did say he would like to take another look at my thyroid surgery scar in a few months, as it’s not healing very flat. But that doesn’t bother me. My scars are my war wounds. But that’s another story.

So back to moles.

I expect many of you are now staring at your own moles quizzically?

I’m not trying to create mass hysteria, but it is important to check them regularly. If, like me, you have moles in places you cannot see (stop sniggering…I was talking about the back of my neck), it’s important you get a partner or friend to check them for you.

What should you be checking for?

Well rather than repeat what the good doctor said, I’ve taken a photo of the most important part of the leaflet he gave me. These are the things you need to watch for…


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