So as promised… Here’s the post where you get to see me in a bra! (That’s if you’ve not already been perving on my pregnant bikini photo) And also hear me talk about wobbly bits and breasts!

Panache (3)

As you know, I’m running hoping to run (okay I’ll probably walk) Race For Life on July 7th! Exercise is not my forte. So whilst there are some of you at home thinking “Why does she need to train – it’s only 5k?”, well… when you are as unfit as me… you need to train!

The wonderful people at Panache sent me a running pack of goodies to help me train. It included a sports watch, a pedometer, an MP3 player, flourescent wristband, water bottle and belt to hold it, and of course… a Panache sports bra!


Those of you who know me, you can stop sniggering! I might not have the biggest boobs in the world, but it’s still a hinderence to running when you have the extra weight bouncing in front of you! Any gentlemen (or perhaps not so?) reading this… imagine sprinting without underwear… yes. The well endowed amongst you may imagine some discomfort. It is the same for women… in all shapes and sizes!

To be honest, I could do with a sports bra for my J-Lo bum too. Don’t tell Jonny, but he’s right… my arse does wobble when I run! Panache… could you make me some sports pants please?

Enough chat… On to the bra…

I used to be a professional bra fitter and lingerie specialist for a popular department store, back in my college days. So Panache is a brand I recognise for quality and support. I still have my first Panache bra… it was a very pretty “Atlantis” bra… with *ahem* gel assistance in the cleavage department!

The bra I was sent to train with, comes in grey & pink, black, or white and comes in cup sizes B – H. There are also some stunning, pink, navy and purple sports bra’s on their website.

Here's a nice athletic Panache model in the bra instead - much better photo than me in it! Photo Credit: Panache Website

Here’s a nice athletic Panache model in the bra instead – much better photo than me in it!
Photo Credit: Panache Website

I love that this bra can be worn with normal straps, or you can clip the straps together at the back if you are wearing a sports vest, so that the straps don’t show. A lot of sports bras only have the narrow back, which means they can’t be worn with any top that has normal straps. I have a variety of styles of vest top, so this bra can be worn with all of them. I did find though that when you clip the back together, for a racer back, it feels very tight across the shoulders and neck.

I found the bra very comfortable and very supportive with the straps in the normal position; holding the jigglies in place, without crushing them! It felt as though I was wearing a normal bra and I can walk, jog and run and forget it’s there, which is great.

The fabric is soft and it’s machine washable, which is always a bonus. More than that – it spurs me on to actually do some training!

I have been walking every day since my sports bra arrived and jogging in more recent days. I can only jog for one mile, then I’m hugely out of breath! My race is on Sunday of this week and you can sponsor me by clicking here. I have set myself an ambitious target of trying to complete it within 45 minutes.



Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. I was sent a support pack to use for my Race For Life event, by Panache. All words and opinions are entirely my own.

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