When I went to The Baby Show, I had a chat with the team at Mum Kind, who make vitamin packed drinks and snacks for pregnant ladies and new mums.

These products are packed with nutrition and vitamins and are designed to give pregnant women and “new super mums” an energy boost.

I consider myself a bit of a super mum (I have infant twins… enough said) and thought I’d give the Mum Kind products a run for their money.
MumKind (2)

The products I sampled included:
Night Night Baby – Vanilla & Red Berry Hot Drink
Water Our Way – Mixed Berry Flavour Water Enhancer
Soothing Ginger & Chamomile Lozenges
Bump to Baby Enhanced Bars

Whilst I might be a very busy mum, I thought the best way to test these products, would be to test them myself, but also to get two pregnant ladies, in different stages of pregnancy, to test them too!

So I gave some to my lovely friend S, whom is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and waiting to give birth. I also gave some to my sister, who is just transitioning from the first, into the second Trimester.

S loved the lozenges. In fact, she loved the lonzenges so much, she ate the lot in one go. When I asked her if they gave her an energy boost, she replied that she was buzzing! Well that’s what happens if you eat all your sweets in one go S!

MumKind (4)

My Sis loved the bars the most, or in her exact words, “the cereal bars are lush!”.
I asked her if she felt they helped with energy levels and she replied, “Yes, you could say they kept my energy levels up, I ate them to keep me going during work”.
MumKind (6)

I must admit, I loved the chocolate one’s a LOT too.


The drink was great too. A very nice alternative to a cup of decaf tea in the evening.

MumKind (3)

The great thing about these products, is they don’t contain anything artificial, yet they are packed with all the vitamins you need during pregnancy and motherhood. Some of them even contain folic acid! Mum Kind designed these products with a team of experts, including a top nutritionist, midwife, and mums!

My favourite of all the Mum Kind products was the water enhancer. I just recently ran Race For Life and this was my little secret – I put it in my water bottle whilst I was training. I really feel that it helped. Aside from my severe dislike of water, this tasted great and was much more refreshing than squash. You literally just squeeze a few drops into a glass of water. The bottles look tiny, but mine has lasted me AGES!

The water enhancer was allowed whilst I was on my dreaded low-iodine diet, before my radiotherapy too, and helped with my tiredness whilst I was hypothyroid.

Mum Kind gets the thumbs up from the three of us!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. I was given some Mum Kind samples at The Baby Show in Birmingham to try and review from my own perspective. All words and opinions are entirely my own, or those of my friend and sister whom I mentioned in this article.

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