No more family holidays in term time!

July 18, 2013 in Family, Holidays, Parenting, School, Uncategorized by Emma Day

Last night we received a letter from school. The law has changed. The school are no longer allowed to authorise family holidays in school term time.

What do you think about this?

Personally… I think it’s ridiculous! I’m someone who missed over a year of school and didn’t take my SAT’s (because I was having Chemotherapy), but still got 9 GSCE’s, 3 A Levels, an AS Level and a 2:1 honours degree (amongst a few additional vocational certificates). I don’t think missing a week of school makes any difference to a child’s education.

Furthermore, I feel it should be a parent’s choice, whether or not they take their child out of school for a holiday.

The majority of parents, cannot afford a holiday in term time, as the prices are so much more expensive.

In addition to this, families with children or parents who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter, can experience a real boost in confidence, attention span and physical wellbeing, by taking a holiday in the winter.

The chances are a child will learn a lot more about culture, language and real life with a week in another country, than they will a week in the classroom. Children learn through experience too and this shouldn’t be disregarded.

I’m not saying children should have a holiday every term, but I think they should be allowed a holiday every year. And parents should have that choice.

This morning, the school office was met with several angry parents and a few more parents listening in. The consensus amongst them, was that they’d still choose to take their children on holiday and that they’d accept the unauthorised absence and pay the fine if they were reported.

I’m guessing the people who came up with this new law don’t have children. That or they can afford to take a tutor with them to their villa in Barbados or they can afford Christmas in Aspen! Most of us don’t have that luxury!

Let’s face it, whilst none of us condone law breaking, there wont be any fewer absences or holidays in term time. There will just be a lot more children staying off school with tonsilitis and returning with a tan!