As a Tefal Innovation Panelist, I have the great privilege of testing some of Tefal’s new products. The latest of which is the Tefal OptiGrill, which has been years in the making as it’s quite a genius piece of kitchen kit!



You switch it on
Select your meat/fish or manual mode for things like panninis
Press OK

The machine then preheats itself to the correct temperature and bleeps to let you know when it’s ready.


You pop in your steak (or whatever you are cooking) and press OK.

Now here’s the clever bit…

The OptiGrill then measures the thickness and size of the piece of steak.
It sears it at a high temperature to lock in all the flavour
Then it drops it’s own temperature to what it needs to be, to cook the steak.

When it reaches each phase of cooking (Rare/Medium/Well Done) it bleeps at you, to tell you to take the steak out.

There is also a large LED light which changes colour during the process.
Pink = Preheating
Blue = Searing
Yellow = Rare
Orange = Medium
Red = Well done


You don’t EVER have to adjust the temperature or tell the machine how many pieces of steak you’ve put in.

You never have to check it half way through cooking or cut into a steak to see how well it’s cooked.

Put quite simply… it just does it all for you.

And if you forget to turn it off after you’ve removed your steak… it’ll do that by itself too!

There are preset buttons for burgers, chicken, bacon, sausages, steak and fish.
For everything else (Pannini’s, Prawns etc) there’s a Manual Mode button.

There’s even a defrost button, so if you forgot to take your bacon out the freezer, you can defrost it in the OptiGrill too!

The plates are removable and dishwasher safe, as well as being non-stick.

I tried it today with a small piece of Rump steak. I like my steak medium. The preheating took around 8 minutes. The cooking… took 3 minutes! When I got it out, it was literally perfect. Moist, tender, flavourful and most definitely Medium!


I personally think it’s great, because if you are entertaining guests, you can cook all their steaks at the same time – but still cook them to their liking! Also because I find it hard to cook steaks to the right preference anyway, and if steak is over-cooked… it’s ruined!

I also love salmon and this is a much quicker way of cooking it. Hub’s has a weak spot for burgers and has recently gotten into making his own (which end up all different shapes and sizes), so this will be great for cooking those too.


I’ve made a 30 second video of some brief snapshots of the Tefal OptiGrill in action! (please note they are only a snapshot – they are not sequenced in the correct order).

… Or if you want to see how it’s done, step by step, you can watch this much more professional video made by Tefal…

footnote: After publishing this post, my husband decided he wanted a steak… so my 6 year old cooked it for him! It’s THAT easy!

  1. june leathers says:

    I have a question about another product by Tfal. It is the Tfal Perfect Steak Pan. I tried calling their customer service and they kept disconnecting me so I hope you can answer my question. I haven’t tried it yet. When I go to set the timer for beef and thickness to 1 inch and how you want it done to Well. It comes up 25 seconds for each side. How can a steak get done on 25 seconds on each side? Is it because the pan says to put a steak in the pan when the arrow on the pan is in middle of red and it is very hot so it doesn’t need to cook longer then 25 seconds on each side? Please answer my email since their customer service isn’t working. Thank you.

    • Emma Day says:

      I’m sorry this isn’t a product I have tested. If you want steak rare and it is a very thin steak, it is possible for it to cook very quickly, but you are best to check the product manual. Tefal’s customer service is usually great, so check you are dialling the correct number / emailing the correct address.

  2. Norm Smith says:

    Hi i Ihaver just bought aTefal Opti Grill and wish to access a wider range of recipes please tell me if this is possible.Iam a senior citizen looking for easy ways to feed myself

    Norm Smith .

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