As I am on holiday, one of my awesome blogger friends has agreed to write a guest post on my blog for me today. She’s the brains behind the #S2S2D campaign that supported me through my radiotherapy, she’s a fellow MAD Blog awards Finalist and she’s also hosting #WednesdayWords for me this week. May I introduce you to Vicky from Verily Victoria Vocalises

Verily Victoria Vocalises

When Emma asked me if I would like to guest post on her blog I said yes without really thinking about  what I would write…but last Wednesday morning – after seeing the Twitter and Facebook feeds and Pinkoddy’s post, it suddenly came to me.

Are bloggers something to be dismissed and mocked? Should it be classed as a ‘serious profession’? Do stay at home Mums have no ambition?

Well, I say no, yes, no.

Stay at home Mums are probably the most underestimated and underrated people in the world. They are there to form and shape the people of our future. Many women – like me – give up a full time profession in order to be there for their kids and many of us find it wouldn’t be cost effective to go out and get a job after having a child because of child care and the extra issues involved. They become nurse, doctor, taxi driver, counsellor, teacher, and chef amongst many things. To say that these types of women live off their partners would be insulting. What they do means that their partners can earn the money without the worry of childcare or housework so basically she becomes a ‘part’ of his earning capability. Does that make us any less as people? NO WAY. And, in a bid to maintain my own identity instead of ‘someone’s Mum’, I started a blog – not knowing what I had created!

Being a blogger is something that can be done at any time of the day. It means that we can review things that mean something to us or our children and, as a result, means that we have in effect worked to get it. We are a blessing to many media companies who recognise our sheer value for marketing their product. We share over social media and our words are read and reach far more people than any newspaper could. We are a huge community and word can spread like wild fire.

It means we don’t have to ‘go out’ to earn. We can still do our part in the team of Mum and Dad. We can do our housework, look after our children and write posts but it is important to strike the right balance in order to be fair to everyone and make sure one area doesn’t suffer at the expense of another. Like any job I guess.

There are many people who don’t understand blogging and its benefits. There are others who laugh at what we do. There are people who say that we are not ‘real writers’ and are making a mockery out of the writing industry. What complete rubbish. There are also many media companies who believe that we have ‘too much time’ on our hands and will do something…anything…for next to nothing. Jog on if that’s the case! We have far too much to do as it is so if we are going to carry out reviews/giveaways/write posts then we do expect something in return please!

Yes, there are many writers – and I include bloggers in this – whose grammar is appalling and I wish people would take more care and attention over this (I can see you scanning through my post now to see if there spelling mistakes – stop it!). But bloggers are at least trying to better themselves with a form of income which benefits them and their family without having to leave the family home to go to work.

Shouldn’t we embrace that?


  1. Katie Vyktoriah says:

    Well said, Vicky. The last couple of months for us would have been really hard had I not had an extra income from my blogging. Moving to a new home and having to still pay rent on our old flat, as well as one of our renters doing a runner meant we couldn’t make ends meet. But blogging gives me the opportunity to always have a bit of money put away. We are very lucky to do what we do – be mothers first and still contribute to the household in ways other than the traditional cooking and cleaning! 🙂
    Katie Vyktoriah recently posted..How to Create a Children’s Treasure MapMy Profile

  2. A to Z Mummy says:

    I’m new to blogging and am already hooked! It’s like a whole new world and I love this post! I think blogging is great and yes the opportunities are wonderful an fit in perfectly with family life – what’s not to love!
    A to Z Mummy recently posted..Pa-tap-ee-cal LettersMy Profile

  3. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Amen to that! Although after nearly two years if blogging I have earned precisely £190 and reviewed a handful of items. I blog because I like writing. I do work, but only part-time, and, yes it allows my husband to have a demanding career and work long hours while I’m there to do everything for the kids. And I blog too – just for fun 🙂
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Special letterMy Profile

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