I am writing from a pit of technology flames.

My tablet won’t charge.

My daughter’s tablet won’t charge.

Jonny dropped and broke my brand new phone. There were tears. Real ones. But I have forgiven him now.

Our old laptop we used for work… won’t switch on.

Today my laptop, the one that I live and breathe through. Overheated and died for many hours. It’s old. If you unplug it for more than ten seconds, the battery dies. You can’t open ZIP files or it crashes. There are a few programs it doesn’t like and somehow I have filled the memory. Completely. With what? I have no idea. My blog posts aren’t that long are they?! I don’t even play angry birds!

It is pathetic of me to get so frustrated over technology. I’m not a materialistic person.

But without any of these… it’s pretty bloomin impossible to write a blog!

Even more impossible to work on the website for the business I’m starting up.

So apologies to anyone who is waiting for me to post reviews. I will get there. One day!

And apologies to my readers, for the current lack of great content.

Instead, I just have one thing to say…


  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Aaagh! I would hate that! And I’m not even trying to start a business. My iPad is a 1 that refuses to update, it’s useless for blogging. So I blog off desktop PC in my bedroom which makes me really antisocial.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..Scout campMy Profile

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