Following the massive response to my post supporting Bounty and opposing the silly Bounty Mutiny, I received an email from Bounty.

On behalf of Bounty, please can I share with you Bounty Feedback. Bounty is looking to get the views of parents and soon-to-be parents who have had personal experiences of any of its services (packs, website, etc.). It’s an anonymous survey, but with a clear route for people to get in touch with Bounty where they might have something they’d like to discuss on a one-to-one basis.


If you’d like to answer the Bounty survey click here.

So whatever your experience / opinion on Bounty … Here is your chance to REALLY have your say.

Just supporting the mutiny or opposing the mutiny, isn’t going to get the right response. Giving genuine feedback to Bounty themselves, WILL make a difference and get your voice heard. It will allow Bounty to improve their services and change the things you don’t like and keep the things you do like.

So instead of ranting on twitter… Go and fill in their feedback form. Tell them what you think of Bounty and what (if anything) should change.


Please note. I have NOT received any form of payment, product or influencing in writing any of my Bounty posts, but write them out of my own interest.


  1. TeenyTiyPixie says:

    Thanks for the link for the feedback survey, Needless to say I’ve told them exactly what I think 😉 *sniggers*

    In all seriousness though, I do think they offer a good service in letting new parents try free samples or show where to find information but I do feel they have over stepped the mark in some instances. (and their emails about losing weight made a new mother friend of mine cry for hours)

    If they stayed off the wards and lost the hard sell aspect I think parents would start trusting them again as I personally think a hospital is for patient and carers not for selling / signing up for anything. But thats just me

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