Tiny and Fluffy thought Christmas had come early, when we received a toy delivery of Laugh and Learn products from Fisher Price.

Here’s a review of all four products. I’m saving the best for last!

Laugh and Learn: My Pretty Learning Purse (6-36 months)

My Pretty Learning Purse The handbag plays a few different tunes when you open it and close it and also when you press the heart shaped button on the side. It varies from girly messages like “let’s get ready” and “let’s go shopping” to little tunes and singing the alphabet.

Like a lot of the Laugh and Learn toys, it has different modes, for play, learning and music. This one only has about four sounds/songs/sentences per mode though, so you have to keep changing it, until the children learn to change the modes themselves.

To be honest, it’s a lovely little toy, but so far the twins have ignored it. At 14 months, they are still a little developmentally delayed due to being premature. I don’t think they quite have the eye-hand coordination yet for putting things in and taking things out of the handbag. They open it, tip out the contents, and try to eat them. They also dance and smile if I sing along to the tunes!

I’d suggest this toy more for the 18 months + mark if I’m honest. Definitely a good toy for when they reach the walking stage and want to like mummy or their big sis!

Laugh and Learn: Learning Piggy Bank (6-36 months)

Piggy Bank Now the pig is on another level. Same thing with the eye-hand coordination – they aren’t up to the putting the coins in or out of the pig yet, but they do lovely playing with the coins and pushing the pigs tail to make her sing. BE WARNED: the songs are very catchy and you WILL find yourself walking around the house singing:

I’m a piggy bank,
with some coins big and small.
In lots of colours,
you can learn them all…. (and so on)”

This song now dominates all the household chores, yet actually I don’t mind, because it’s quite sweet! It also oinks, sneezes and giggles, as well as teaching the children colours and counting up to ten (ten coins provided). When you open or close the piggy bank to get the coins out, it also teaches the words “open” and “closed”. As far as I can figure out, it has three songs, plus other sound effects on the snout and further different noises when you put the coins in the slot.

This is definitely a toy that will grow with the twins and as they develop their coordination skills, they will enjoy putting the coins in the slot. The music and sounds are very cute and nowhere near as annoying as some of the toys Bunny had when she was little!

Laugh and Learn: Magical Musical Mirror (6-36 months)
Magical Musical MirrorThe mirror’s pretty cool and great to have alongside the handbag as the accessories for both toys can be swapped around and work with both toys. The mirror sings LOTS of different tunes and has a lot of interaction based sounds. Lifting flaps, spinning the roller, lifting accessories out and putting them back again. Like the other laugh and learn toys, this one has different modes, which play different sounds and encourage children to learn.

The Mirror lights up too which the twins love. They play with this one quite a lot, but they haven’t grasped the idea of putting the accessories back into the little slots yet, so I think they will grow into this one. This is a good toy to encourage parent-child interaction, or indeed sibling interaction. Bunny enjoys playing with this one, with her little sisters. I can’t quite see this one being that great for a 6 month old, but definitely for 12 months plus.

Laugh and Learn: Song and Story Learning Chair in Pink (12-36 months)

Song and Story Learning Chair My The Twins absolute favourite of the Fisher Price toys is the chair. We have got the pink and purple one, but I think it also comes in blue and green. It has the biggest choice of tunes and modes of all our toys. It has a pressure pad on the seat, so the music starts up as soon as one of them sits on it. They LOVE this toy and make a beeline for it whenever they are in the living room. It works well with the two of them too, as one can sit in the seat and play with the book, while the other stands at the side and plays with the crayon buttons!

There are crayons that push up and down, a lamp which can be pushed down and a four page book of which the pages can be turned. These things play different sounds depending on which mode the toy is in.

ABC mode:
The crayons teach you colours.
The lamp teaches counting to 4.
The book reads the story as each page is turned.

Music mode:
The crayons sing different scales of “LALALA”
The lamp sings songs encouraging the child to learn to read
The book plays the tune of nursery rhymes

Play mode:
The crayons whistle different tones
The lamp plays a game (which I’ve not yet figured out how to play)
The book makes animal noises

You do need to be close by with this toy though as they can tip the whole seat over. It’s very sturdy and unlikely to come apart, but my little monkeys can rock grown up chairs over!

I love watching the twins race for this toy and dance bounce up and down on the seat with big excited smiles. This is by far the best toy in our house and I’d highly recommend it for one and two year olds.


Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. I was however, given the above Fisher Price products to test and review from my own perspective.

  1. The Funster says:

    I have two daughters about 1 year apart so they often play together with the same toys. The Laugh and Learn Musical Mirror would be great for them. I will most definitely have to look at this one! Great review and post, thanks a lot!
    The Funster recently posted..LeapPad from LeapFrog ReviewMy Profile

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