How do you stop babies from biting?

August 12, 2013 in Family, Parenting, Photography, Twins, Uncategorized by Emma Day

You see this cute angelic little face?

Fluffy June 2013

Butter wouldn’t melt. Right?



She bites fingers, arms and cheeks. If you are holding her you can usually stop her in time, but the same can’t be said for her poor little twinnington.

This cheeky little monkey here…
Tiny June 2013

… is actually the victim.

The pair will be sitting nicely, playing with their toys. Randomly, Fluffy will put her toy down, grab Tiny’s arm, bring it to her mouth and clamp down those gnashers. Tiny doesn’t retaliate. We get no warning it’s about to happen. There’s no provoking, no fighting over toys, just this!

Fluffy bites Tiny far too often for my liking. At 14 months old, Fluffy has 14 teeth, including back teeth. When she bites, she bites hard. If you shout or scream, or cry, or try to move away… she shows no sign of loosening her teeth. She lets go only when she wants to.

Tiny let’s out the most gut wrenching of screams and the poor little darling ends up with dark red teeth marks in her arms and fingers. Teeth marks so deep they take about a week to fade.

My heart breaks every time Tiny gets bitten, but Fluffy doesn’t understand “NO”. I say it anyway. I point at her and say a stern “NO” with a cross face. Then I pick Tiny up and give her a cuddle, ignoring Fluffy completely for two minutes.

I think she’s starting to learn. Now if she bites me and I say “Ow” and “No” and look cross, Fluffy cries and looks at me all apologetically, as though she knows biting is wrong. She just doesn’t get it with her twin though. No matter how hard Tiny cries, Fluffy keeps doing it.

I don’t know what else I can do to stop this. It’s all good and well people telling me to separate them, but you can’t separate twins 24/7. They are very close and they get upset if they are separated. They kiss and cuddle and play together. Sometimes they even curl up and nap together. We separate them for half an hour here and there throughout the day, but the biting is completely random. There’s no pattern to it and nothing that instigates it.

How do I stop Fluffy biting Tiny?