I left work in January 2012 whilst pregnant with twins, because I work in a heavily physical job – managing a pub (including full food service, beer garden and function room). My SPD had gotten so bad I couldn’t walk very far or stand for more than ten minutes. I was in a lot of pain and seeing a physiotherapist for both one-to-one and group sessions. The belt they provided me with, to help support my pelvis, did nothing to help. All the other symptoms were kicking in too as my pre eclampsia set in. My doctor signed me off work, as if I’d kept going, I’d have ended up in a wheelchair.

In April 2012 my 9 months maternity leave set in and on May 14th I gave birth to my twins, Tiny and Fluffy.

In January 2013, the week I was due to return to work after maternity leave, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Three surgeries and one dose of internal radiotherapy later, I became “Radioactive Mum” (Google it!). Once I was no longer radioactive, I still had the psychological trappings of Cancer to deal with.

Today, 20th August 2013… I return to work after maternity leave and sick leave, for the first time since Jan 2012. The pub has changed owners since then, and is about to again. All the staff have changed too, and are no longer the loyal employees I had recruited and trained. I don’t know any of them.

Real Ale

I’m nervous, excited and sad all at once.

I’m nervous about my job security, when the pub changes hands again and what the new owners will be like.

I’m excited that I’ll be earning money again. Statutory Maternity Pay and Statutory sick pay are not enough to live on. Maybe now I can pay off some debts?

I’m sad, because I really don’t want to leave my babies. I want to work from home and not have to leave them even for a second!

But life is what we make of it. So when you’re settling down with a good book tonight, whilst your kids are tucked up asleep in bed, I’ll be back at work!

  1. Karen says:

    Good luck. I worked nights doing respite care for children with special needs, when Em was little, I know the feeling of going to work, leaving your little ones while everyone else is going home to bedtime!
    Hopefully your new staff will be nice and work well for you and all the changes aren’t too stressful.

  2. Distressed Housewife says:

    Good luck, Emma, I’m sure it will go really well. The thought is always worse than the reality when you’re returning to work after maternity leave; you’ll settle in in no time. If your shifts are in the evenings then at least your little ones will be in bed some of the time so you’ll only miss them sleeping? Trying to think of all the positives because I know it’s nerve-wracking and you’ve been through so much. Sending positive vibes and virtual hugs xx
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