What happened to Wednesday Words? Ah well this week, we have gone insane with our Gromit spotting addiction and I am back at work too, so I actually wasn't home at all on Wednesday to blog!

HUGE apologies to my loyal Wednesday Words fans, but this week only we are all about the Thursday words!

There is another reason. I wanted to blog a poem I wrote many years ago for my friend Jamie. You might remember my post on 29th August last year, called Blue Jay. 29th August was the day he died tragically as a passenger in a car crash aged 18, just before he was due to start University. 9 years on, and he's still often in my thoughts.

However... I have lost the poem I wanted to publish 🙁

So instead, I am publishing an earlier draft of the poem, which isn't quite as good. In fact, it's more prose than poetry and the finished version was so much better.

The Magician    (for Jamie)

The Magician
amazes us all;
so clever,
His biggest feat,
the disappearing act.
His presence replaced
by a cloud of magic dust
and a thousand cheers.

My friend was humble,
good to us all;
so pure,
Not a magician,
but like a disappearing act,
his presence is replaced
with a cloud of magic dust
and a thousand tears.

                              © Emma Day

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  1. Cathie B says:

    How beautiful. I read this with tears streaming as I remembered a friend who passed in a similar way. I’ve never been able to find the words to express how I felt about this but you’ve just done it for me – thank you my lovely – this will be kept close to me for a long while xxx #Prose4T

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