This morning my daughter went back to school after the summer holidays. We got to school early for the first time in a long time (if ever), so we sat on a bench in the sunshine and I plaited Bunny's hair into a pretty braid, from the right to the left of her hair. It was a lovely bonding moment, until her school friends ran by and she just couldn't wait to join them.

We've had a truly wonderful summer and I honestly felt a bit sad that she had to go back to school, and even sadder that she wanted to. I know it doesn't mean she doesn't want to be with me, but it's just one of those maternal moments, when you realise your child is growing up so fast, that it makes you a little emotional.

So I did, what I've not done for a long time. I sat and wrote a poem. Here it is.

The Plait

Right over left.
Her hair glistens,
scorching September sunshine,
scent of freshly cut grass
and shiny new shoes.

Left over right.
She exudes confidence,
endless eager excitement,
sound of a whistle blowing
and a quick kiss for Mummy.

Fasten with a band.
She looks a little taller,
growing glowing girly,
smartly dressed and smiling;
she joins her class in line.

Putting the brush away.
A burst of maternal pride,
beautiful brave bold,
Mummy waves
and feels a little lost.

© Emma Day 04/09/2013

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  1. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    That’s beautiful, it’s both sad and good that she wanted to rush off. My kids weren’t that keen to go back to school, but were find once they’d gone.
    (And that plait sounds fab, my daughter is on eternal mission to find the perfect hairstyle. I reckon she’d like that one!)
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted..SeasickMy Profile

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