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For this week’s Great Bloggers Bake Off, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to make a Trifle, or Petit Fours. So… I decided to make Trifle themed Petit Fours. A great idea. Or so I thought. In practice… it’s time consuming and fiddly!

I made mini biscuits, just using a basic biscuit recipe. This was the first time I’ve made biscuits without a mixer before – I did it all by hand!

I made Chocolate cups for the first time too. I made square ones, but couldn’t get them out of their containers, so I had to start again. I had no chocolate cases, so I had to make makeshift ones (which weren’t very good). I used a pastry brush to brush melted chocolate up the sides of the cases and then put them all in the freezer to harden.

I made jelly for the first time too. It was only packet jelly, that you mix with water, but it was still my first time. I made orange jelly, 2mm thick in little Tupperware containers.

I made some custard for the first time too. I made this 1mm thick and put it in the fridge to set.

I soaked sponge fingers in a mixture of half orange juice, half spiced rum.

I put a piece of sponge finger, in the bottom of each chocolate cup.

I cut little circles out of the set jelly and put these on top of the sponge fingers in the chocolate cups. I also put some on top of the biscuits.

I cut little circles out of the set custard and put these on top of the jelly, on both the biscuits, and in the chocolate cups.

I wanted to pipe some cream on top of them all, but I forgot to buy any, and the shops were shut by time I remembered. So I made do by spooning some Bird’s trifle topping onto the top. It didn’t have the desired effect as it wasn’t thick enough to pipe. I was a bit sad they didn’t look so pretty, after all that work.

I finished off the mini biscuits, with a fresh raspberry. I finished off the chocolate cups with an orange segment.

So the finished result?

Orange and Rum Trifle Chocolate Cups
Raspberry and Orange Trifle Biscuits

They were tasty. I cut a chocolate cup in half to show that I got the trifle layering right!

Also – with the leftover ingredients… I made a plate of biscuits AND an accidental trifle. My first ever. I’ve never made a trifle before either!

Linking to The Crazy Kitchen and Mummy Mishaps for the GBBO linky.

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