Little Snippets of Twin Life

We are seeing the first signs of tantrums. Fluffy the most. If we put her somewhere she doesn’t want to be, she will pick up the nearest object and hurl it with all her might. Admittedly, all her might, only lands the offending toy/teddy about two feet away, but the message gets across!

Unfortunately for Fluffy, at only 15 months old, her baby tantrums get laughed at for being “too cute”.

Tiny’s tantrums mostly consist of hair pulling, to which Fluffy gets most of the brunt, but Bunny gets some of it too!

The pair are becoming feisty and their personalities are coming through more than ever.

Fluffy hasn’t just discovered throwing for baby tantrums though. Oh no. She also launches her water bottle, when she’s finished using it. She hurls her milk bottle when she’s done with that too. But the worst one, has to be the food. She will throw her food and cry if we don’t pick it up straight away! There are only so many times you can pick the cat hair off of a sandwich, before it becomes inedible!

Tiny hasn’t quite cottoned onto the throwing yet or baby tantrums – she’s too busy perfecting her look of innocence, when Fluffy is naughty! Truth be told – they spur each other on!

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