The MAD Blog Awards is just a week away and I’m getting VERY excited now. I’m so thrilled to be a finalist for Best Baby Blog and really looking forward to a weekend in London with the other finalists. I’m super excited to be staying in a gorgeous hotel and sad as this may seem, I’m shockingly excited about dinner at the ceremony! I LOVE food!

This awards ceremony is a big deal to me. I’ve got some stiff competition from some fabulous bloggers and no idea who will win. Either way… I want to enjoy my night and use this as an excuse to wear a stunning, over-the-top, really expensive dress! However, not having the money to buy such a dress… I found another way. I had no idea that you can get evening dress hire online until I read Actually Mummy’s post about hers last year!

I chose to trial three designer dresses from Wish Want Wear. I paid £25 and those three dresses were delivered to my door in a size 10 (ambitious I know). I tried them on, took some pics and sent them back the next day. I then went online and booked which one I will wear for the MADS.

I’m not going to tell you which one I have hired, but I am going to tease you, by telling you it’s one of these three…

(Please excuse the greasy hair, lack of make-up and look on my face – I promise I will look better on the night!)

WishWantWear Designer Dress Hire

 So… which one will I wear? Place your bets!

 This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid £25 for my three trial dresses.

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