I wrote this post, when the twins were 9 months old, but somehow, I missed the “publish” button. So here it is… only 7 months late!…

Life through the eyes of 9 Month old twins…

Cheeky 9 month old twins

Cheeky 9 month old twins

In true “life through the eyes of twins” fashion… Fluffy will start, as she was born first.

Twin 1 at 9 months

“GAGAGAGAGAGA Fluffy here! I have been playing with sounds and my favourite ones are GAGA, DADA, lalala, yehyehyeh, Puh Puh Puh, and that noise that comes out when you blow raspberries through your lips. That one is the best. Tiny and I have swapped roles again to keep you all on your toes… I am now the noisy one. I love making all sorts of sounds.

I haven’t yet got the hang of sitting up, but let’s be honest here… I haven’t been trying for long. Same with crawling. I only decided to try and get on my knees a few weeks ago, but Tiny’s been doing it for months! I am still not overenthused by the whole ‘mobility’ thing. I’d rather lay down and look at my toys, it’s much less effort!

Just chilling...

The thing that makes me smile the most is kisses. Give me kisses or raspberries and I will   respond with a huge beaming smile! I’m also beginning to get an appetite for food… you know the real stuff. Although if there are any lumps in it, you can expect me to hauck it back up – no matter how far down it went! I do have 7 teeth, but I figure those are for sinking into mummy, daddy or my sisters!

We have both piled on a few pounds, we figured we’d get new clothes if we did. Although Mummy lets us stay in our jammies unless we are going out somewhere. These onesie things are so comfy, that even mummy and daddy wears one sometimes!”
daddy and the girls

“Hello, Tiny here!”

Tiny has Control!!!

Tiny has Control!!!

As far as talking goes, I like the traditional “Goo Goo Goo”, except I do it with my mouth shut! I like to let out the occasional high pitched squeal to shock people. Other than that, I like when people talk to me most. Mummy is always saying “Mumumumumum” to which I smile appreciatively, which gives her the impression I’m learning.
Three girlies in bed

I have been trying desperately for many many months now, to crawl. I get up on my knees and I rock. Sometimes I do a little Bunny hop, but I haven’t yet mastered that I need to move my hands as well, so I stay confined to the same spot! When it comes to playing – I go for the sensory toys or the paler of the bold colours. Fluffy always goes for the bold colours, the monochrome and the chunky things she can hold. I just like to poke mine or chew them.

We also both love to stare at our fingers and our thumbs. We are trying to work out what they do!

The thing that makes me smile the most is singing. If someone sings to me, I beam from ear to ear! I like eating too but I don’t like lumps either, even though I got my 6th tooth at 7 months! Between us we are currently conjuring up a drool factory, as we await teeth 7 and 8!
Three girls

Next time we show you “life through the eyes of twins”, we will be 1 year old! How exciting!

  1. Crystal says:

    Thank you for posting this even if it was years ago everything i’ve read about babys at nine months says that they should be crawling instead of just army crawling and one of my twins just started army crawling two days ago so this makes me feel a lot better about it and it almost sounds exactly like my twins !!!! Thanks again

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