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September 18, 2013 in Guest Post, Toys by Emma Day

This is a guest post about Wooden toys…

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Some wooden toys need only a willing baby or toddler and an active imagination to kick start hours of play and learning. Other toys are greatly enhanced by the addition of a doll or action figure which often helps a child to connect a toy to their world – in the case of dolls and dolls’ houses – or simply to provide the building blocks for a story or adventure. The following guide to some of the wonderful wooden dolls available at WoodenToyShop.co.uk will help you to pick the perfect partners for your children’s favourite toys.
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Down on the farm, there is always a barn that needs mucking out, fields waiting to be ploughed and cattle ready to be rounded up. And so the ever popular Oldfield Farm from John Crane can be coupled with the Tidlo Farm Family (pictured above) while Le Toy Van’s Pippin Farm is perfectly complemented by these Budkins Farmers, a trio of hardworking agricultural artisans.
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Little fans of tractors (and we know there are lots out there) will love this Bertie’s Tractor toy which comes with a smiling farmer, wooden tractor and trailer.

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Over on the high seas, where galleons vie with frigates, flutes and brigantines do battle and schooners speed away from ships that fly the Jolly Roger, your toy pirate ship will require a crew of fearsome privateers if you are going to find your buried treasure.
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These bothersome Budkins pirates have the wherewithal to sail your ship on a sea of swashbuckling adventures, perhaps towards an encounter with the Paragon Pirate Ship, another cracker from John Crane. This fantastic wooden pirate boat comes with a crew of six wooden dolls, sorry, pirates, who are ready for battle.

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How about a touch of medieval mayhem? Toy castles remain as popular as ever with children who love hearing stories of knights slaying dragons and battling it out at tournaments to win the hand and heart of a fair maiden.
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The Budkins Crusader Set (above) will fit with any of WoodenToyShop’s Le Toy Van castles. A second set, the Budkins Royal Court, will add a king, queen and jester to your castle family. If your preference is for one of the lovely wooden castles produced by Melissa and Doug, then the Royal Family Set or the Bigjigs Knights Set offer a fun and varied alternative to the Budkins dolls.
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WoodenToyShop’s largest selection of wooden dolls has been selected as accompaniments to the wooden dolls’ houses that are so popular with grownups and children. Le Toy Van’s most popular family of dolls is this rather trendy Family of Four…Wooden toys 9

…whom will happily take up residence in any of the dolls’ houses. A second My Doll Family and a very pretty Dolly and Dressing Up Wardrobe are also available.

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The Melissa and Doug Wooden Doll Family offers excellent value for anyone looking to install some tenants in their dolls’ house.

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This smashing set provides a family of seven to fill your house with all the noise and chatter that grandma, granddad, mum, dad, brother, sister and baby will bring. As with all the wooden dolls available at WoodenToyShop, these have flexible limbs and joints for more realistic play. Let’s face it, the daddy will want to sleep on the sofa and grandad will be looking for an armchair to doze in!


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