I am a chatterbox. I talk far too much. All the time. I am very rarely rendered speechless. However, on Saturday night, something strange happened…

MAD Blog Awards

…I won the award for Best Baby Blog 2013 at the Mad Blog Awards in London’s fabulous Royal Garden Hotel.

Best Baby Blog Winner 2013

Photo by Tom Arber Photography for the MAD Blog Awards.

I was… rendered speechless.

MAD Blog Awards 2013 Best Baby Blog

When my category winner was announced as “Crazy with Twins“, I’m sure I sat there for a few seconds just taking it in, in a state of shock. I shakily walked to the stage and took my award from the lovely Merry who writes Patch of Puddles, and then and there I was hit by a blank wall of nothingness. I couldn’t think of anything to say. I wasn’t even sure if I was expected to say anything. So I said an embarrassed “Thankyou” into the microphone and had a photo taken with Dr Ranj of CBeebies fame, and Merry, before floating offstage on cloud nine.

Best Baby Blog

Photo by Charly Dove at http://www.postcastdove.com

It all happened so fast, I didn’t have time to think and it didn’t sink in that I’d won until about twenty minutes later, when I got a bit emotional and needed some air. I also needed to phone my mum! (I phone my mum every day – sometimes more than once)! However, I felt a bit bad about not doing a proper acceptance speech. So here it is…

I started my blog, when I was 30 weeks pregnant with twins and had been signed off work with SPD. Little did I know, when I was taking the mick out of myself online, that I actually had a very serious complication of Pre-Eclampsia, called HELLP Syndrome, which threatened the lives of both my babies, and myself.


I was so very very lucky to not only survive HELLP Syndrome, but for both babies to survive and be well. They are my blessings. We lived to tell the tale. My blog saw all of this and it saw me document every part of the twins first year of life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed blogging about my babies and their big sister and I feel truly honoured to have won Best Baby Blog against such strong competition. The other finalists in my category have fabulous blogs! 


Thankyou so much to everyone who reads my blog, who nominated me or voted for me. I really appreciate it, and I still have so much more to share with you all.


Thankyou also, to my amazing husband, who has only recently began to understand my obsession with blogging, and to my three incredible children, whom are the centre of my universe.

Ermm… you see – that would have been quite long. Good job I didn’t do a speech hey?

The MADS 2013 (8)

Dr Ranj presenting the MAD Blog Awards

The Mad Blog Awards was a truly incredible night in fantastic company. Including two of the other finalists in my category, who are truly lovely people, Dear Beautiful and My Two Mums. It was a pleasure to chat with them.

The MADS 2013 (25)

I got pampered by the team at OriFlame who did my makeup – sorry if I was a bit demanding!

OriFlame makeup

These 4 photos were taken by Tom Arber Photography for MAD Blog Awards

Tom Arber was there taking stunning photos of us all – a very talented photographer!

Before we became Winners - Fiona, Jennie and me. Photo by Tom Arber Photography for MAD Blog Awards.

Before we became Winners – Fiona, Jennie and me.
Photo by Tom Arber Photography for MAD Blog Awards.

Really chuffed that Fiona of Coombe Mill won her category too.

Dinner… was incredible. All four courses of it! You may remember me talking about the dinner in my Pre-MADS post!

I was too busy eating to photograph the main course!

I was too busy eating to photograph the main course!

I had an emotional talk with the lovely Laura who blogs at Tired Mummy of Two, as her daughter Elizabeth has the same Leukaemia as I had when I was a child. I don’t think she realises how lovely it was to talk to her, one-to-one in person.

I witnessed (through tears) my room-mate, one of the purest people I’ve ever met, receive her award for outstanding contribution with her blog Edspire. Jennie you are beautiful, inside and out, a true inspiration, who truly deserved that award. Matilda Mae’s legacy will live on, because of you. Be proud.

Outstanding Contribution Finalists

Outstanding Contribution Finalists

I got to chat in person with some lovely bloggers, who it was a pleasure to meet in person, whether for the first time, the second time or even the third. Far too many for me to mention!

The MADS 2013 (32)

However I can’t forget my closest friends in the blogging world Sarah Mum of Three World and Vicky of VeViVos, who I was lucky enough to have a lovely lunch with before the awards.

Myself and Actually Mummy got referred to as Ying and Yang of dresses, both of which were hired from Wish Want Wear.

Photo by Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy

Photo by Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy

All credit for this amazing evening, goes to Sally Whittle, owner of Tots100, the Mad Blog Awards and writer of blog Who’s the Mummy. Sally, you do so much for the blogging world and you are an inspirational mum to Flea.

The MADS 2013 (34)

You can see all the winners here.

I also really loved the hotel we stayed in. It was clean and luxurious and had everything we needed, including a shower big enough for all the MADS winners!

The Royal Garden Hotel

I’m very excited waiting to hear from Mothercare now, who sponsored my award and are providing me with vouchers as a prize. Perfect prize for me – do you have any idea how much it costs to dress twins? AND a 6 year old who likes to match her sisters?!

Best Baby Blog

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