I recently went to the Cosatto headquarters to hear all about the launch of their spangly new brand KOOCHI. I got to look at and play with some of the new products while I was there and I was really impressed. Koochi is so different to all the other baby brands out there at the moment, I thought I’d share a quick glimpse of it!

Koochi (4)

Koochi is a brand of urban baby gear modelled on some of the worlds best current streetwear, like Superdry and G-Star. Brands that co-incidentally, we as a family buy!

It turns out, despite my husbands love of all things pink, not all men are comfortable pushing girly pushchairs around. There seem to be lose who love pretty patterns and vibrant colours, and there are those who like things a bit simpler, a bit more streetwise.

So will Koochi bring on a new era of pram-pushing dads and sleek designs of baby gear that you can hit the town with? You know – just get in and get out. Yes… here it is…
Koochi Strollers

My personal faves are the yellow ones! I am LOVING the yellow Kickstart car seats! Can just imagine my twins in those. Maybe Bunny in a coordinating Motohero. Saying that… The Magenta’s rather nice too… and the red!Koochi Car Seats

A lot of the new Koochi pushchair range is lightweight, no-fuss design, easy-fold and practical. If I only had one baby, I’d be hard-pressed to decide between the Sneaker Pushchair and the Modstar Travel system. I love the matching shoulder bags too – easily unisex and very street.

Koochi Strollers (2)

The unbelievable aspect to the Koochi brand is the price! The car seats range from £85-£100, which is really quite reasonable and the pushchairs start from only £100 for the Sneaker!

Koochi has just launched in the UK. September 2013.



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