I found it hard to think up a quote for this week. Why? Because I had an incredible weekend, with incredible people and I'm left overwhelmed and lost for words. Friday and a little of Saturday were spent with an amazing group of bloggers, the rest of Saturday and Sunday with my beautiful family.

I find it easier to think of inspiring words, when I need inspiration, if I'm feeling down or if somethings gone wrong. When I am happy, I find it harder to find inspiring words to share with others, because I'm already inspired, and happy, and if I'm honest, this week I'm a little tired from all my exertions.

So when I cam across this quote by Lil Wayne, I knew these were the words, that best described how I feel about life right now...

I  am very humble, and I am very gracious and very grateful for everything that  happens to me and about me and around me.
Lil Wayne

Come join in with Wednesday Words or read some more below...


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