For this week's #WednesdayWords I thought I'd share with you one of the songs I find myself constantly singing to my children.

Don't get me wrong... I really can't sing. My singing voice is much akin to a cat drowning... however my kids love me for it. They don't care how bad I sound! It's the thought that counts right?

Joe Cocker : You are So Beautiful

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to me
Can't you see
Your everything I hoped for
Your everything I need
You are so beautiful to me

Such joy and happiness you bring
Such joy and happiness you bring
Like a dream
A guiding light that shines in the night
Heavens gift to me
You are so beautiful to me

© Joe Cocker

Every word of these lyrics is true to how I feel about my three beautiful daughters.


Wednesday Words


  1. Alexandra says:

    Always singing to my children, but that’s how I was raised. I’m a singing teacher now (when I’m working, on maternity) and I love the times we all sit around the piano and sing. Also, I just love singing to my baby when he’s sleepy. The girls sing to me often. Very cute, the latest is 1Direction ‘what makes you beautiful’, annoying the 50th time, but the sentiment from them is lovely 🙂

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